These Far Cry 2 Screens Will Shoot You in The Throat

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes:

"[The screens are] a selection of real, in-game shots, so what you see here will be what you see when the game comes out. And what we see here - lazy sunsets as we drift lazily down a river - looks gorgeous."

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peowpeow3670d ago


This or Fallout 3 1st?

bomboclaat_gamer3670d ago

both :P this game wont get a 10 tho. more like a 9.3. but day one purchase for me \o/

AngryHippo3670d ago

....looks incredible. Easily will be one of, if not the best looking fps title upon release. Simply stunning environments. Really captured Africa's environment very well. This is definately a must have.

Just as peowpeow said in the gamer zone, this and fallout 3 at the same time. Tough choice on which to get first. I strongly believe both are AAA must have titles.

Veryangry_xbot3670d ago

Farcry 2 looks to be the same.

The visuals (while great) do NOT drop jaws. Because in 2008, we are too spoiled. I call this the MGS4/KZ2/GT5 effect.

3670d ago
RealityCheck3670d ago

I liked the original Far Cry ... up until the end game boss fight. I didn't have the patience for it because it was so disproportionate to the rest of the game. If they don't make the same mistake in Far Cry 2, count me in.

Fishy Fingers3670d ago

PC build is gorgeous. Hopefully the console counter parts can look nearly this good and I'll be chuffed :)

I'm getting PC (for me) and PS3 (play with mates) versions. This Christmas period is going to cripple me financially.

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