Left 4 Dead Demo Details

Sweedums of De-Frag writes:

"After recently announcing that there will be a demo for Left 4 Dead, we were desperate to get the full story, so while waiting to have another bash at slaying some zombies, we had a quick chat with Chet Faliszek from Valve about what exactly will be in the demo, and when we will see it up on Steam."

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AAACE53670d ago

At first I had no interest in this game! But the more I hear and see... the more I want to play it!

christian hour3670d ago

Cannot wait for this title!

3670d ago
Plughead3670d ago

...and yes, people are going to really love it. I can see this kick-starting a new wave of modding and user-created map designing, personally. People know how to use the Source SDK etc. and it just fits right into the whole user maps vibe.

It is great four-player too - but it is difficult

zonetrooper53670d ago

Can't wait to pick this game up on the PC.