Xbox One X: New Console, Confused True 4K Message

Xbox One X is being called the "true 4K" machine from Microsoft. But the message around the console at E3 2017 was confusing on a third party front.

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ToastyMcNibbles2530d ago

That became apparent to me when the presenter said "and what we mean by true 4k is ultra hd, hdr, wide color gamut, dolby sound". True 4k for microsoft is a combination of effects not literally native 4k on every game.

cleft52530d ago

I would be more impressed with Microsoft True 4k if they showed me some major, graphically intense, 3rd party games running in Native 4k at 60fps without dancing around the issues. Instead, they show off indie games that look like they could run on 5 years old PCs and boast that those are True 4k. Of course those games are True 4k.

LexHazard792530d ago

wait was Xbox One X a 4K/60 console?

I mean I heard the fanboys hollering bout 4K/60..but not really MS aside from Forza 7.

343_Guilty_Spark2530d ago

Did you watch Anthem or Metro or ACO?

Bigpappy2530d ago

Dev kits we're just sent out and you expect them to have a boatload of games with the highest spec's.

Please try to be realistic here. What they have in 3rd party 4K support is actually very impressive.

Skull5212530d ago

I was skeptical because I have a 5.5 TFLOP GPU and I can't get stable frame rates for 4K at all. Now I'm a true believer in what the XBOX can really do.

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gamer78042529d ago

4K has nothing to do with framerate just fyi. Some games jjust like now will run at 30, some at 60. Some will be Indie some will be AAA like Forza 7. Not really an issue, I find games like Tombraider and Uncharted to feel more cinematic at 30, since its closer to movie 23.976 fps.

freshslicepizza2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

If games produced by Microsoft (Forza, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, Crackdown 3) don't offer native 4K then you guys have an argument because those are the only games they have full control of. The message was clear from day one but others try and purposely confuse the messaging for their own gratification. They also announced previous titles like Gears 4 will be native 4k on Xbox One X.

The system has the power but its up to third party to use it. The same thing on the Pro, Sony is not telling developers they have to use checkerboard rendering but unlike ther Pro Microsoft has managed to go a few steps above and beyond. One thing is any game with native 4K will automatically be supersampled on 1080p monitors. This is done on the hardware level. Sony on the other hand does not evenhave it featured on some of their own in house titles like MLB The Show and removing it from The Last of Us Remastered. Microsoft has much more knowledge in all of this and part of it is because they also have PC gaming experience.

Mark Cerny was wrong about 8 teraflops to do 4K, it is more than just teraflops and the desig and engineering that went into this machine should be applauded.

jrshankill2529d ago

Someone didn't hang around for Anthem

rainslacker2529d ago


But doesn't it only take a few hours or a day or two to get a game up to 4K with UWP or DX12 baked in? Thought this whole scaling thing was supposed to make it all seamless.

Anyhow, yes, I expect that if MS is going to go on about 4K with most of the games they showed, and be dodgy about what exactly 4K is while trying to imply that everythng they show is the kind of 4K that everyone is talking about in context for the past year, that those games be ready to show in such a manner.

Otherwise, MS is still just marketing on promises, and not actual delivering yet on what they claim is possible.

Personally, I'm OK with not every game being 4K/60 Ultra settings with all the bells and whistles, but that's what we've been hearing would be possible for over a year now. While MS itself has said it's up to the developer, it's not like the fan boys haven't been going on and on about it, only to now say, "hey guys, keep your expectations in check....MS never said this would be super awesome true 4K with every game". And yes, I can pull specific examples from the most notorious of the Xbox fan boys which show them taking both approaches.

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joab7772530d ago

It's super confusing because of the fact that it's an upgrade, but had hints of being a next gen reveal with compatibility. It is targeted towards what remains a niche 4k market, with limited 1st party software. It doesn't want to alienate those who have stuck by them, but it's also not much more than the Pro in regards to its utility.

dcbronco2529d ago

Completely wrong. Check around n4g there are several articles that list a pretty large selection of games that will receive a 4k patch at X launch. Halo 5, Fears, Forza Horizon. It's over thirty games with more coming. People just got dev kits as mentioned.

Pro uses tricks and upconversion. X might do that on some but also won't on many. I have yet to read ant article from anyone with the least bit of technical knowledge say the Pro is on the same level. There is a large gap between these machines.

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akaFullMetal2529d ago


Wasn't anthem running on a pc? 🤔

GrubsterBeater2529d ago

Metro was for sure running on a PC, and I wouldn't be surprised if Anthem was as well, knowing how MS tricks people.

UnHoly_One2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Right, because Sony has never demoed a game on anything but a Stock PlayStation.

Get real, buddy.

Rhythmattic2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

So what your saying is Sony showed games on Pro , so thats OK for MS to Use brute force PC's.....
Ok... Got it.

FyBy2529d ago

I dont agree. True 4K is only "Anti-Pro" marketing term. Nothing else. And Phil already calrified this many times. Hdr (which includes wide color gamut already (for example HDR10)) is already supported by Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Pro. Dolby sound? You mean dolby atmos? Even Xbox 360 had dolby sound (Dolby digital, maybe DTS?). So if xbox x has dolby atmos, good. But its only definition of audio streams. Dolby atmos is for cinemas with 5.1, 7.1, 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 speaker configuration. Or you mean different dolby audio coding? It doesnt really mean, sound will be better. Years and years theres already Dolby TrueHd and DTS HD Master.

Lets be clear. Microsoft offers more games in native 4K resolution (it means internally rendered as full frame 4K, not interlaced (checkerboard) like some PS4 Pro games do) as a difference from other devices, thats all.

trainsgofast2529d ago

Gears of War 4 Was Running in 4K on XB1X Within 1 Day With Overhead Left Over For Improving Visuals

XanderZane2529d ago

Microsoft doesn't know what the 3rd party developers are going to do with the XBox One X hardware. I agree that with all the 3rd party games they showed at the E3, they should have had some developers on stage explaining if the game was going to be native 4K 30fps / 60fps and what features it would use. But they really didn't do this. I'm thinking that all will be told when the game is completed and ready to launch. We already know that not ALL games on the XBox One X will be native 4K, because the developers will take different approaches to make their games look incredible, but also run at a high FPS rate. I think developers should all have settings in their games to allow games to switch the game to native 4K and modify the textures, shading and other features in the game as they choose. At least have this for the XBox One X versions. Microsoft said all their 1st party games would be true native 4K. They never said anything about the FPS. Trolls are coming on here acting like every game would be 4K / 60fps, when that was never the case. This was nothing but fanboys moving goalposts so they could have something negative to say about the XBox One X when it releases.

rainslacker2529d ago

True, but they did know what they were showing at the conference, and if they implied the 3rd party games were true 4K, when they actually weren't, then people are going to criticize them.

This is where the message is confusing. MS didn't say with some of those games that it was dynamic 4K, they just said it's 4K. They weren't even using their own marketing terms, and as such, the message is gets confused, because even MS doesn't seem to have a single way to define it to keep it clear.

Not that MS is alone in this. Every company involved in 4K, from display makers, audio receiver makers, console makers, BR/UHD players, etc, all seem to have a very loose definition of the 4K format, and seem very liberal with throwing 4K everywhere to make it look more impressive for the uninformed. When I brought my first 4K TV, it was just a happy accident I got one with HDR. Brought a floor model, and they dropped when taking it off the shelf, so got an upgrade for the same price. But all these formats and definitions are just confusing, sometimes even when you understand what all the terms mean.

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Obscure_Observer2530d ago

Well, not every game will be native 4K on the X. But if the console run most of its games at native 4K, then it will be undoubtedly considered a true 4K machine.

Aenea2530d ago

"4k Ultra HD", the label that MS uses on the packaging can mean lots of things, not just native 4k.

And we have no clue yet how many games it can run at native 4k.

I've said it before but you should actually prefer it uses checkerboard rendering for a lot of games, it uses about half the amount of GPU time so there's still extra oompf left to do other things like better shadows, lighting, etc., etc.

BigWan782530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )


Checkerboard is taking devs 3+ weeks to implement, whereas trying for native can achieved within a week... for even complex games...

I say try to stick to trying to get to nagive 4K/30(60 if the game can achieve it) if that is the goal if it isnt, i say go 1440p/ultra/30-60

Allsystemgamer2530d ago

As the games get more demanding we'll see less and less native 4k games.

Running games 4 years old in 4k is already pretty demanding.

CobraKai2530d ago

The "4K Ultra HD" label could be there due to it being a 4K UHD Blu Ray player.

343_Guilty_Spark2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

We know it will have many more native 4k games than the Pro.

alb18992530d ago

Remember that is up to developers.