Out of Eight: Belief & Betrayal Review

Out of Eight writes: "Imagine a gray haired man with his back to the camera. His voice is flippant, shrill and condescending. He's Jonathan Danter, a journalist and something of a ladies man, at least according to his editor, who's worried he'll waste time "looking at girls in mini skirts and sexy tops." But there's no way any girl could tolerate the presence of this goofy-looking goose in shoes. He's undeniably irritating, the kind of guy you couldn't wait to get away from. And that's before he busts out his lovable little chestnut: "cats whiskers!" It's the catch-phrase that's sweeping the nation, or at least sweeping me off to the darkest tides of madness, as my grip on sanity was loosened every time I heard it. Before he can score his interview with Cardinal Gregorio, Jonathan Danter is summoned to Scotland Yard, to help investigate the murder of his uncle, who he was told had died ten years ago. "I guess I'd better go to London," Jonathan says. "Goodbye, cocktails with little umbrellas in them!" (I don't think his editor had much to worry about)."

The Good:
+Intriguing premise
+Worthy soundtrack
+Nicely directed cutscenes

The Not So Good:
-Detestable lead character
-Uninterruptible error messages
-Sporadic crashes
-Laughable puzzles
-Questionable translation
-Unfriendly interface

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