Killzone 2 dev talks beta, more restricted footage leaked

Seb Downie, QA Manager at Guerrilla Games, recently clarified some of the speculation regarding the Killzone 2 closed beta.

Killzone is apparently in "Online Beta Phase 2 of 3," which means it "is still closed and not yet public." Also, the closed beta is only available in Europe at the moment, but a U.S. beta will follow at an undisclosed time.

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timmyrulz3723d ago

Been a fps fan, this is one game i am not too proud to admit that i want to play, so much so that i'm going to get a ps3 next year just to play it

Panthers3723d ago

Why arent you proud? This game looks so sic.

Tariu-kun3723d ago

Look pretty good. From what I can tell from the camera the game is built to be fast paced. The graphics can't be deduced from all these low quality videos popping up everywhere, but then of course its all restricted stuff.
I do really want to play this game, it looks nice, but I'm not exactly going to go into cardiac arrest if I don't get my hands on it.

pp3723d ago

No thanks i'm looking forward to Operatoin Flash Point 2 which is said to be look better than Kill zone 2

PirateThom3723d ago

If you have a PC that can run it on high, then yeah, probably.

GVON3723d ago

I loved flashpoint 1 so I'm looking out for for flashpoint 2, hopefully the PS3 version will support keyboard mouse, because I would hate to play it with a controller.

Some of the graphics look a little crap though, especially from the air. Personally though I'm more interested in ARMA 2,these guys made the original flashpoint and I think they will beat OpF2 in terms of realism.

GVON3723d ago

looks good, I've got about 10 people on my list who are playing it, I'm sure one dude was on it for at least 13 hours straight yesterday.

I'm interested to see if sony's policy of get as much of the game done through the cell, before you start to polish the graphics in the last 2 months holds true with this game,if thats the case then this could look much better than what we've seen so far.

I'll take the example from GG own site

As you can see the mask is much more detailed than before, and the rest of the model seems to have textures that will be updated like the mask is.

Rourker3723d ago

I believe is from the first game to the second, not from the pre-alpha of the second to the beta.

drdre743723d ago

i couldnt even watch it because of the music. I love hip hop and all but damn thats some trash he's using as a soundtrack.

KZ2UK3723d ago

Ditto, turned the sound off to watch the vid as the music did my skull in. Looking forward to playing this when released, just hope to god it lives up to the hype now.

C_SoL3723d ago

I love hip-hop, but that song sounds awful......



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