Sony’s Jim Ryan isn’t worried about Xbox One X’s power, game devs aim for lowest common denominator

Jim Ryan pipes up after Phil Spencer’s jabs at the PS4 Pro. In the hubbub of E3 2017, Phil Spencer has been singing the praises of Microsoft’s new console, saying that he’s “proud” of the console’s $500 price tag and that “the very best console version of games” this year will be on the platform.

Obscure_Observer2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Then why the X is getting more third party support than the Pro?

“Well, we’ll see when they launch in six months’ time…There will be hundreds of games published this year and those games, market forces will prevail. If a developer or publisher wants to take advantage of the supposed power of the X, they will do that. If they don’t, they won’t.”

Looks like Sony is playing the wait and see game here. Can´t really say if it´s good or bad but, i do think they should enforce their first party studios to give propper support for the Pro.

thatguyhayat2528d ago

Theyre not enforcing they said it was up to developers if they want to or not. A lot of publishers from third party are supporting pro too

bouzebbal2528d ago

It is true in case of this party development, expect of the power difference is massive.
It's in the 1st party development where both systems will shine.

FATAL1TY2528d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn >>> all xbox games

Poor Spencer

60mil > 0

3-4-52527d ago

eww fatality...what a loser

Genuine-User2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Xbox One X is not getting more third party support than the Pro.

Have a look at the list of supported titles.

Aenea2528d ago

Huh? More 3rd party support? What are you on about?

You just love spouting nonsense, don't you?

MegamanXXX2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

The X price is already bad. Just a matter of time for gamers to realize that. DOA especially in other countries where it's more expensive

Ceaser98573612528d ago

"Then why the X is getting more third party support than the Pro? "

LOL WHAT?? Sony has nabbed almost all.. even FIFA 18 is with Sony this time.. others are COD, FC 5, BF2

BeOpenMinded2528d ago

Not marketing deals but upgraded versions of games. It appears pro needs patches and x doesn't is how I read that statement anyway. We'll see if the x needs patches like the pro or not soon. They say it won't but let's see first lol

BeOpenMinded2528d ago

Wow disagrees for stating that MS stated that games won't need patches and I don't believe them as well. Savage place. N4g is becoming trigger central

Dragonscale2528d ago

@be, so PlayStation with all those third party deals is gonna get less support than scorpio without those deals, lmao. Those disagrees are for a reason lol.

EatCrow2528d ago

They already are. Naughty Dog isnt one not to get the graphics as good as possible on the system. As time goes by techniques and engines will improve and it will help push graphics and texture quality even more.

FPS is ruler of all. Resolution is second.Id rather they keep resolution steady instead of pushing the 4K thing which few tvs take advantage of anyway. Theres alwasy supersampling of course.

LAWSON722528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )


X1X has come out of e3 with its big 3rd party partner title, ACO running the same settings as PS4 Pro and the same is happening with Destiny 2. Not only that every 3rd party game that is getting or has gotten support on X1X is getting or has gotten the same treatment on PS4 Pro. There are no exclusively enhanced X1X third party games, so I dont know how one could reach the conclusion of it having more 3rd party support. X1X gets enhancements so will PS4 Pro (a system that will continue to have a larger install base) If anything Pro still has an edge due to anything that is not Shadow of War and ACO being part of a Sony partnership.

Also I dont know what alternate dimension you live in but Sony has been pushing technical masterpieces that are best on a PS4 Pro. Since PS4 Pro launch all 1st party games have had PS4 support.

LackTrue4K2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

"X marks the spot"


Dragonscale2528d ago

@obscure, since when? The Pro murders scorpio in 3rd party support lol.

WelkinCole2528d ago

The lowest denominator is actually the X1 and not the PS4

Unless you guys can admit that the X1X is not actually a mid gen upgrade.

leoms2527d ago

Any proof that the X is getting more support than the pro?

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omegaheat2528d ago

Wow, did he reallt say "supposed power of the X"? That sounded more insecure than confident to me. Tasteless choice of words from a company leader.

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Aenea2528d ago

Yeah, but am sure you thought saying that the PS4 Pro competes with the One S and not the One X sounded super secure, right?

EatCrow2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

"Wow, did he reallt say "supposed power of the X"? That sounded more insecure than confident to me. Tasteless choice of words from a company leader. "

What does his comment have to do with what Phil said?? And he never said that what he said isnt secure. Stop assuming.

AS far as what Phil said. Yea it doesnt make much sense.
Standard Xbox vs standard ps4
Xbox s vs ps4slim
XboX vs Ps4Pro

Thats the way everyone sees it purely based on number of consoles released.

Ceaser98573612528d ago

i will say it again the multiplatform games will look almost close to each other on the x and pro.. Its only the exclusive that's gonna shine and will use the full power..

bluefox7552528d ago

Exactly. Microsoft needs to grab an exclusive that really utilizes their new console, because frankly, nothing has really been that impressive yet.

LAWSON722528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Besides Forza, Halo and Gears there is not really nothing to show off that hardware. Crackdown, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves are not exactly technically impressive.

This is the problem people had with X1X before E3 and MS certainly did not put these concerns to rest by annoucing only Super Lucky Tale and Ori.

rainslacker2526d ago

Except most of the power right now is supposed. MS hasn't really shown that it can do more than the PS4P, at least not to any significant degree, and what they did show was pretty much shown to be about what we'd see on the PS4P given the reports about what resolutions and framerates the games shown would actually run at on Scorpio,

All power is theoretical in the dev world. It's how that power is used that is important. Until that power is used, it's supposed power.

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StuffAndThings2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

What is this guys problem with Microsoft ? The more he does this just says hes worried about Microsoft. Can Andrew tell this guy to shut up ?

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mcstorm2528d ago

I do wonder if Sony are starting to think they made a mistake with the PS4Pro's power. If they gave it what the x has it would of been better for the push on VR. But it is what it is all 3 have now consoles this year and its up to all 3 to give us a reason to jump to the new consoles.