E3 2017: Horizon's Frozen Wilds Will Alter the Existing Open World

Push Square: "Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hinted that we can expect Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first expansion – named The Frozen Wilds – to alter the state of the existing open world: “I understand there are some things happening in the original world as well,” he said. “It’s a new area that you can go into, but it’s not [just] that new area where things are happening.”

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UCForce2112d ago

Oh my god, I can't wait for this expansion pack. I'm just HZD fanboy. I'm huge fan of GG. Since the game got so many great reviews, I was screaming like a happy lunatic.

slappy5082112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Me too man. honest that was my highlight of e3 that it is releasing this year. Hopefully you get a new skill tree to further build your character my Aloy is maxed out !

Xb1ps42112d ago

I'm going to have to look into the allies thing.. I want to say I'm sure I hearted them I always try to be the good guy but I did already beat the game so I hope I didn't ruin it.

slappy5082111d ago

I dont think there are any missable trophies per se'; not sure if you need them specifically for that last sequence Im sure I did see some mention on the forums the trophy can trigger post game

Xb1ps42112d ago

I can't wait to get this and I'm not one to buy dlc, matter fact I haven't bought dpc this gen unless it was a marked down game of the yr edition and even then I only have like 2 of those...

This will be the first game I will ever platinum I'm at 85% I do hate looking for those stupid Lil audio things tho.. wish I can buy a map in game from one of those guys to find them, just like the map that reveals all the metal flowers and stuff.

iceman062112d ago

This is the type of DLC that I don't mind. I generally HATE all micros (skins, boosters, gun packs, etc.) But, expansion content (when significant) I can get behind. That being said, the last expansion that I purchased was the Enter the Dragon-esque island expansion in the game Sleeping Dogs. It was just too much to resist the nostalgia of playing a Bruce Lee-like story with the grainy film filters. I wasn't disappointed in the least. All said, though, price and length will play a role in whether I jump in immediately or wait.

slappy5082112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

All collectibles that you need to collect for the platinum are shown on the map . I think you can buy them from a vendor, can't remember which one though, I just remember using the map to find all my collectibles . The only thing that you have to search for yourself is the training dummies you have to knock over , those Audio playback you find randomly are just to add to the story, no trophies for those

Xb1ps42112d ago

Aahhhh...... thanks slappy for some reason I figured it would unlock one of those secret trophies.

I bought that map and found all of them already. Just have to figure out the secrets.. those dummies... a kill from above.. and not much else

slappy5082112d ago

Yeah the dummies one is pretty much the hardest one to get. Oh and make sure you always use the heart dialogue option for the all allies trophy in some of the side quests,and that you do those side quests before the last mission of the game, that's pretty much all you gotta look out for. Otherwise it's a pretty easy platinum to get. The all allies one came naturally for me because I chose to do all the side quests I could find any way so it shouldn't be a problem for those that choose to go off on the side quests

Silly Mammo2112d ago

This could be the 1st game I've ever platinumed. I finished the game and have done everything but the Hunting Lodge quests. I might finish those up before the Dlc release to get my robot killing skills sharp again.

KickSpinFilter2112d ago

FYI, You can see what the hidden trophy is by selecting it and hitting square. Works on all games.

joab7772112d ago

You don't need them for plat!

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fenome2112d ago

I'm stoked on this, I can't wait!!

I still can't believe I deleted my maxed out character after I got the Platinum and started a new game though. Gonna have to hurry up and get my new character all souped up before this drops. Lol

RommyReigns2112d ago

If you're on PS+ you may have automatic save uploads enabled, so check your cloud saves for your previous maxed Aloy profile.

fenome2112d ago

Great idea, I didn't even think about that! Thanks

Tussin1872112d ago

Yes me too. I already Platinum the game but I'm going to wait until this come out and I have a 4k HDR TV and replay it again with the expansion. Black Friday needs to hurry up!!!!

fenome2112d ago

Man, I've been saving up for a 4K setup and just found out my transmission is going out, there goes $3000. Gutted...

2112d ago
UKmilitia2112d ago

im still really annoyed i havent had game+ added yhet though

RommyReigns2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

$19.99 preorder on PlayStation Store, $14.99 for anyone with PS+. I'm just waiting for a confirmed 2017 release date before getting the expansion, for me the expansion was the biggest announcement out of all the awesome announcements and gameplay reveals in the Sony E3 preshow and conference.

Got my maxed out Aloy ready (saves uploaded to the PS+ cloud) and waiting to take on the Metal Devil!

joab7772112d ago

Never thought I would.likw this game as much as I do. Can't wait!

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UCForce2112d ago

After all, GG treat their game like CD Project Red treated Witcher 3.

Sevir2112d ago

I can't wait to play this!

Ceaser98573612112d ago

Its not yet up on EU store.. Will preorder once i see it.. PS plus owners are getting around 30% off on it..

zivtheawesome2112d ago

sounds like a very big DLC man and for 14.99 (for PS+) that sounds like it's really worth it.

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