NY Times: Wal-Mart Wins Deal on Album and Game (Rock Band AC/DC)

NY Times writes: " Just as Wal-Mart solidifies its power as a music industry hitmaker with an exclusive album from the rock band AC/DC, the chain is getting its first major exclusive video game to go with it.

MTV plans to announce on Tuesday that it has made a deal with the band and its label, Columbia Records, to create an AC/DC version of the channel's popular Rock Band video game that will be sold in the United States only at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and the Wal-Mart Web site (

The release of the video game AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack will give MTV a prominent role in the partnership between the rock group and the retailer to promote AC/DC's forthcoming album, "Black Ice." Wal-Mart will create a special area in each of its stores to display the new album and the new game, as well as the band's other CDs, DVDs and T-shirts and other licensed clothing. Although this is Wal-Mart's first significant exclusive video game, the chain has emerged as a force in the music business because of the promotional muscle it has put behind recent albums from the Eagles and Journey, which were available only in its stores. Such a partnership is especially important for AC/DC, since the band does not sell its music on Apple's iTunes store. "

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Johnny Rotten3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I heard an interview on Howard Stern about this, the album exclusivity must be for the US only because it's available at Futureshop here in Canada.