Sony almost made PlayStation Switch five years ago - but dropped the ball

Sony had the ability to make PlayStation Switch five years ago - but totally dropped the ball.

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DaveyB1939d ago

This would have been amazing. I love my Vita TV but it's such a pain to use.

Patashnik1939d ago

Yeah, swapping out those cards is annoying. >_<


Sony released the Vita about five years ago and that was an absolutely fantastic handheld that I still use until this day with a beautiful OLED screen

DaveyB1939d ago

Easily one if my favoutite consoles of all time ^_^

Gemmol1939d ago

mine retired long time ago, i said my prayers and let it rest in peace.......but i think its cool few out there still showing it love

Neonridr1939d ago

sadly mine was used for remote play with my PS4. Great feature to be able to play my PS4 while lying in bed, but not enough games released for it that interested me.

Godmars2901939d ago

Need to bring back the PSVTV as a media streaming box.

Why are they so off track regarding multi media?

Rimeskeem1939d ago

Probably riding the PlayStation train till it slows down

FallenAngel19841939d ago

I'm still miffed we didn't see anything of that MGS4 port running on Vita when it was first shown off

KwietStorm_BLM1939d ago

And Devil May Cry, and Bioshock, and inFamous, and....

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The story is too old to be commented.