2404: Mount & Blade Review

2404 writes: "The first question to answer with this review is if reviewing this game will actually mean anything. Mount & Blade was technically 'released' on the 16th of this month, but I've been playing it on a daily basis since last December, and I'm a relative newcomer. Mount & Blade has been "out" for years.

The fact that this game has been essentially in paid beta since 2005 is not the only odd aspect of its development. The developers themselves have taken the criticism and suggestions of an extremely active community from each incremental upgrade for three years, and through that entire time they've made their source code available so that the more motivated among the community could make modifications – making Mount & Blade, I think, the first game to get modded before it got released. Many of the features and systems suggested by a forum post or implemented in a mod later ended up in the game."

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