Nintendo and Microsoft are making the right moves to cut into Sony's lead in video games

Being the underdog counts for a lot in the video game industry. Both Nintendo and Microsoft are making smart moves against Sony's dominant position.

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UCForce489d ago

Well, I think Microsoft and Nintendo going to make Sony have wake up call.

Chaosdreams489d ago

In retrospect to what exactly? Games? All platforms should have them so... it's about time Nintendo got their first party power back in line. As for Microsoft, they boast about power while offering games that can be played on multiple platforms. Power is nice, but that won't put you in first place if the exclusives don't exist (besides their trio).

I believe a more accurate statement would be that Nintendo has finally begun to wake up, and Microsoft is flexing its muscles, saying words like "exclusive" in the vaguest of ways, while it yawns and rubs its eyes.

Now, that being said. Sony has been in the lead for awhile, and like everyone who hangs in first place for awhile, they do begin to slow down. Be it them holding back at this year's E3 (and the more I think about it, the more it felt kind of, odd, cold even), or the fact they are refusing cross platform play (a move, not for the gamer, but for the investor - which irritates me, but I get it).

Sony will wake up when it's own player base says "what gives?" But, Microsoft/Nintendo, have their own hurdles to overcome before being given a golden medal for trying. If Sony makes the same mistakes as its competitors (getting full of itself, not listening) then they will rightfully so, lose chunks of the market (over a period of time).

Competition is great. Crowning a king in three seconds, doesn't help (all the "winner" articles, annoy me, even the ones that go towards Sony). Sony earned their position this gen because they focused on games, games, and games.

Now it's time to see what they'll do when Nintendo/Microsoft close the lead.

yeahright2489d ago

Sony's slowing down? have you seen the number of games this year alone?

Chaosdreams489d ago

Yes, I own many of them. I'm not questioning Sony's commitment to releasing games, they do that superbly. What they are slowing down in, is the way they go about revealing them (this years e3 was different) and their stance on cross-platform gaming / backwards (for those who care - I don't).

All it takes are a few differences, a few choices of dragging the feet towards change, and that's where competitors strike. Nintendo and Microsoft are coming at the gaming industry from vastly different approaches than Sony is.

A vague breakdown:
Sony - A lot of games (exclusive and multi), VR
Microsoft - multi-plat games, a silly name for the most powerful console soon to be on the market
Nintendo - Strong exclusive games (IP's that never die), mobility/niche

If Nintendo and Microsoft then make a move on cross-platform, and Sony doesn't. That's Sony being slow.

rainslacker487d ago

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Sony has plenty to show without revealing much right now to try and stay relevant. On top of that, if they announce things more than a week from release, people accuse them of announcing too early, because people apparently have the attention span of a gold fish.

Sony's not really doing wrong on the new games front. Even if they don't have something of their own coming, they have plenty of support from 3rd party. They could open up BC a bit, and that might be nice if they wake up to it, but Sony is doing what a console maker should do in every other case.

masterfox489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

I wonder what right moves they are talking about ?

* Nintendo pathetic E3 presentation, sorry a few seconds of a title screen of Metroid won't make me go insane.

* Or a average MS presentation that lack the games to justify that 499.99 price tag , that Anthem game should it have been a game in console release date, it look pretty awesome, but in the end is a EA/Bioware/MS game so who knows how much of that was real, remember that Forza game running on nvidia GTX and MS claiming was realtime from the xbone ?, shameful.

Sony already have lots of heavy hitters multiplataform games coming in with exclusive content, has the best exclusives that any other console, has the best price, and it looks like the PS4 already has 2018 on its pockets after all those exclusive announcements.

In the end everyone later this year will have something play and they should be happy, Nintendo fans will play only Mario Odyssey for months while putting a Metroid 4 wallscroll in their rooms for a 24/7 watching too, MS fans will try to find games to justify its 499 purchase, and Sony fans will have the best games from any genre for their disposal to play, so in the end everyone should be happy.

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Moonman489d ago

Yet on amazon, most of the games in the top pre-orders are for Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Prime 4 in the top tier slots. Days Gone is not even in the Top 100 and it's available for pre-order. Sit down, be humble.

frostypants489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Nintendo actually has a decent lineup coming though, even if their presentation sucked. Nintendo has always been OK early on in lifecycles, when they get their heavy hitter franchises out. It's after that initial wave that they've been screwing up the last couple of gens.

MS though was relying on too many 3rd party non-exclusives to pad their presentation. Timed exclusivity is not exclusivity. They need to get their crap together and invest in the real deal.

sk8ofmnd489d ago


Exactly... Keep poking the sleeping giant. Sony said themselves that they held back content where nintendo and ms prob gave e3 everything they had... When youre the market leader you dont need to be or act desperate.

ShottyatLaw489d ago

MS said the same thing

Nintendo obviously held back just based on some games only getting mentions and teasers.

Quit drinking the Kool Aid. All three are gearing up to deliver in the coming years.

yeahright2489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Nintendo is doing it right. This late in the gen, shoot for being people's second console. Plus offer something their main console can't. gaming on the go. with xenoblade, Metroid (if it ends up looking good, need more than a title screen) and Mario xcom, I only need to see 2 more games before I make the plunge for a switch.
As for MS, I'm in the minority here, but I have a PC so an xbox is just redundant. But If I didn't, I'd say they're making some right moves but they haven't nailed it like Nintendo has. They're banking too much on new hardware, they're not truly investing in new games and they're moving away from a nice sized chunk of the gaming community by talking smack about single player games and moving towards games as a service which to a lot of us means micro transaction city.

ocelot07489d ago

Nintendo is getting it spot on in recent months. I was very dismissive of the Switch when it was announced. But I did buy one at £200 (thanks Gameseek). At first I didn't get into BOTW but I love it now. I love Mario Kart. Am exited for Pokemon RPG in 2018. I like how bethesda took advantage of the Switch motion control for Skyrim. That Mario/Rabbids X-com type game looks so good. Nintendo are doing very well and I do think they will force Sony to take note and to up there game even more.

As for the Xbox. Am not going to get into another debate. But in my opinion no they are not making the right moves at all. Mabe some baby steps here and there. But they need to put there hands in there own pockets and start making some good first party titles.

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