Dragon Ball Fighter Z Producer Teases More Characters, Music Themes from Anime, and Single Player

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works' Dragon Ball Fighter Z has its anime roots in its DNA.

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Omar911933d ago

One of my favorite announcements at E3. I can't believe I'm excited again for a dbz game

jeremyj29131932d ago

I kno what you mean. I can't stand DBZ and this was the hypest thing to come out of E3 this year to me.

DxTrixterz1933d ago

Music themes from anime

I know that this will most likely not happen but I wish they put music from original Dragon Ball Z Funimation version made by Bruce Faulconer.

TWB1932d ago

Im not even sure if they are talking about the original music in Japanese, dub, Kai or the new Super. I have understood that they are trying to distance themselves from the original OST due to Dragonballs (composers) history of plagiarism. I think it was more common in the games, but some have said that even the japanese anime (Z) OST borrowed a lot from other musicians.

I think that for the sake of consistency they are probably going with Kai's and Super's OST's. Faulconer wrote completely original music, so I dont think that it would be an issue exactly, but it would not be consistent.

deitis1932d ago

Faulconer was also in a lawsuit with Funimation so that probably won't happen. It'll be Kai/Super likely.

UltimateRacer1932d ago

I'll be disappointed if I can't transform during battles.

DivineBliss1932d ago

Some characters will be able to transform in battle. They showed off ss Goku going ss3 and frieze going gold.

UltimateRacer1932d ago

Frieza yes but Goku only goes SS3 as part of a super move, it's not an actual transformation.

TimelessDbz1932d ago

Arcs need to confirm English audio .

Majin-vegeta1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Ewwww *shudders*

opinionated1932d ago

Japanese goku sounds like a young female. Goku and vegeta were done way better in the dub but the rest are cool I guess.

TimelessDbz1932d ago

Can't stand the Japanese audio

deitis1932d ago

They already confirmed english audio

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