What happened between God of War 3 and God of War 4? This sand art helps fill in the gap (really)

The God of War footage at the PlayStation E3 2017 press conference didn't do much to fill in the years-long gap between the apocalyptic ending of God of War 3 and this new story; how did Kratos go from Greek god slayer to Nordic single father? Would you believe Sony delivered some answers via a live sand art demonstration?

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Xb1ps4490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

Yea.. I have no idea on what's going on.. is the little kid kratos? Is this a origin thing?

I don't wan to know too much of the game I'm buying it regardless, but are they saying that this guy is kratos?

AspiringProGenji490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

No. Atreus is Kratos's Son. After he killed the greek gods, he walked the earth and arrived to Scandinavia (Norse gods). It seems like he got a woman and then a son. Who the woman we will have to find out when the game comes

Xb1ps4490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

Damn.... that's his son?! They have a lot of story telling to do....

Why in the description would they say kratos went from Greek god to Nordic I ft it's not kratos? Just makes it that much more confusing

SolidGear3489d ago

Didn't you watch E3 last year? They stated afterwards that this is a sequel to God of War 3.

Xb1ps4489d ago

Must of missed that part and I'm still kind of confused on what the he'll is going on.. in any case I can't wait for this game it's one of my favorite franchises.

ZaWarudo490d ago

Watching that was really relaxing....Even though i had absolutely no idea what was being said.

agent13489d ago

What i got from the sand art is this:
Somehow after his death, Kratos returns to the life again. And this mysterious nordic woman finds him and then they fall in love. But i think atreus isn't kratos' biological son but he named him and raised him. Kratos' wife had this baby before meeting kratos and in the trailer when the boy says i know the truth, maybe he means he knows that kratos is not his real father. And maybe someone kills his mother and kratos and him are trying to revenge.
These are just what i got from the trailers so i might be totally wrong. A good story is a story with a lot of surprises.and surely gow has the best story possible

FullmetalRoyale489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

I was thinking "I know the truth" might be about how either he killed his wife *and child, and/or how he murdered all of the gods in his world. Considering Kratos' son says "I'm not like you." Idk. I'm definitely intrigued by it, and want to play it. So they nailed it, obviously.

Xb1ps4489d ago

When the kid said yea but now I know the truth.. I took that as he knows how aetrious feels about him? That he's not like him?

Xb1ps4489d ago

I can't see Kratos raising someone else's kid... but hey...

DaGreatOne489d ago

I'm loving the direction this game is going so far. All the previous games gave us this broken man consumed with rage seeking revenge and it was very satisfying. Now we have several years later living some semblance of a normal life while having the opportunity to try and be a father again. Like how do you even do that?

Darkfist_Flames489d ago

no wonder they gave him a beard, so that we dont see his smile.