Insomniac: Spider-Man Will Improve Further Before Release; Looks "Fantastic" on Both PS4 Pro and PS4

Spider-Man's Creative Director talks more about the upcoming game, which looks great on both PS4 Pro and standard PS4.

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chrisx2598d ago

Damn this is just awesome. This game is just stunning

SCW19822598d ago

I cant stand Spider man and I am pumped for this game.

Brave_Losers_Unite2597d ago

I wish they made Resistance 4. Man I love that world

Rhythmattic2597d ago

Said someone that never played it... Always

WilliamSheridan2597d ago

I own the first two... I tried... I have a Pro also... It's a crappy game

Sevir2597d ago

That franchise is awesome. Loved the first and the 3rd one and the one on PSP

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

There's alot of qte in the demo they showed. It would be foolish to assume it isn't open world; they give you a mini map in the game, but I'm hoping to see just some swinging around gameplay in the near future.

Also, I'm stoked about Miles being in it. I was thinking a few months ago about how a Spider-man game where Parker and Miles team up would be great. Hoping that's the case here. Parker would obviously play the mentor role but you could switch back and forth between each one. So dope.

StormLegend2597d ago

The QTE are optional and you don't have to do any of them. This was confirmed by the developers.

leeeroythe3rd2597d ago

I dont like the idea of optiining out of game elements . Its bad design choice... if it doesnt work then leave it out. I dont mind qte at all if done right... ryse was fine and god of war has used it ok

AlphaCentyros2597d ago

Why is everyone so afraid to embrace QTE's these days? Not all QTE's are bad, guys.

ShadowWolf7122597d ago

Eh, not ALL are optional. Those crane and helicopter scenes, for example. No way you pull those off without it.

morganfell2597d ago

As Travis pointed out the QTEs are optional. They also stated that sometimes what people think are QTEs are not at all but rather indicators of possible choices. Routes through the city even on mission moments can take varied approaches. And as the developer pointed out in the building collapse, even though there is no HUD in that moment is is still totally player controlled.

DeathtoOtakuDJ2597d ago

Major nitpicking from the other camp.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2597d ago

Actually I. Think everyone else is nitpicking. I got 19 disagrees for saying there were lots of qte in the demo. Which there was. But no one stopped to comment on what I said about Miles being in the game lol. Just silly.

Gamist2dot02597d ago

Looks like they got a lot of funding for this and they (Sony/Marvel) made the right choice with the right dev.