Sweet Child O Mine Immortalized in LittleBigPlanet

SPRTNGamingTV viewer Nick Fuzzeh recreated Guns n' Roses' hit 'Sweet Child of Mine' in LittleBigPlanet.

This is definitely worth a watch!

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El_Colombiano3723d ago

That is truly amazing. Little things like this is why this game will get the GOTY award it so rightly deserves! That was seriously awesome.

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Porno Decepticon3723d ago

You really suck at trolling :/.

jwatt3723d ago

That's good now we know we can create our own music, now who is going to be the first one to add it with gameplay. Man it sucks that Im not in the beta.

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sonarus3723d ago

Wow this game truly has no limits.

Sam Fisher3723d ago

but it wont last long.. that game is bound to get boring.. ppl will start going back to their previous games or the other new games. i dont see how ppl can play this constantly.. its interesting dont get me wrong. but is this game going to quench ppls thirst for 3 months worth of gaming...i dont think so

PoSTedUP3723d ago

how do you figure sam fisher??? you speak with no logic whatsoever.

snakeater33723d ago

LOL that truly made me laugh hehehehhe. i ll voice my opinion on this game. im a ps fanboy first and foremost. however.....many of my grown up mates frown when i say im gonna buy lbp. also, im not quite sure if i ll be getting the game. it seems nice but i guess you need to put a lot of time in it to reap results.if anything, it will draw in the casual market away from the wii for a while. but i dont see myself playing this and creating levels.
what do you guys think?

hay3723d ago

@snakeater3: I think you should try it. Get some beta access key or try on friends console. I was skeptical just like you. Cute looking game, not for hardcore, grown up gamer as me. When I played first few missions on my own it was fun, no more, no less. Creating own sackperson is ok but the real fun has started in online mode. It was hilarious and absorbing. I was laughing and smiling along with other people which I heard ingame and LBP surprised me over and over with player-made levels. It's just fun discovering awesomeness in never played before stages with friends or people you just met. I'm not into online gaming but LBP made my day.
Also level creation is cool, as long as you have good ideas. I'm making my own stage for few days already and creating itself is pretty much fun also.

So if you didn't play it, give it a shot and don't mind your mates. You are you, be yourself, do what you want if it's good for you. If you'll love LBP and they won't show them how cool this game is and never frown and feel worse than them.
It's always worth to try.

mfwahwah3723d ago

Kind of like Halo 3 and CoD4 right? People stopped playing that after a few months. And those games have near-limitless possibilities for level creation too, so I really understand where you're coming from.

I wouldn't judge this games lasting value so early, nobody has any idea how it'll be. Could be a youtube-style phenomenon, could be a fad, could be in between.

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Saint Sony3723d ago

Biggest problem with LBP will be these user made levels. There's gona be billion of levels where you don't actually have to do much at all.. just "drive through".

Really good puzzle levels etc... will be rarity.

PoSTedUP3723d ago

and their will be TRILLIONS of levels where you dont just drive through and actually play some really interesting and unique levels whether they be short or long OR your own, however you want it....

deeznuts3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Long or short? How he likes it?

Where are you going with this?

hay3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

@Saint Sony: Not really. Beta is up since several days and I encountered some cool and ambitious levels. Yeah, most of them are 10second rocket ride but people are learning to use the editor. Keep in mind that beta is strongly limited with features and elements in comparison to full game.
So, yes, there will be lame levels, and yes, there will be awesome too.

mfwahwah3723d ago


Try to guess what the point of having "Highest Rated" and "Most Popular" categories is.

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pixelsword3723d ago

Every time his car passes one of those speakers (the circles) behind his vehicle, it plays a custom sound. When it plays multiple sounds,You can tell because there are more circles lined up above the normal row of speakers... kind of like how a drum machine works.

INehalemEXI3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Yeah there are what they call switches that are triggered by the color coded keys you can see stuck to the car. The switches are linked to the speakers and have a proximity sensor that goes off when the correct color coded key gets near it. I used one in my Area 51 level to get familiar with them.

Thats brilliant, You could actually make a level and have a musical time attack race at the end. Im sure that took up alot of time just creating that musical number though.

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