In the Battle for E3 2017, Sony Just Beat Microsoft to the Punch

The titans go at it again.

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trainsgofast494d ago

By showing the same games again. This time with game play.

AspiringProGenji494d ago

By showing their first party pedigree and strong commitment to pushing their console with AAA exclusives, regardless of not showing anything new. That may give Sony an edge over MS. Still disappointing but at least people will shut up about them showing games "too early OMG...!!" last year none shut of regardless of these games being new at that time

TheCommentator493d ago

Sony had the worst show I've seen in at least a decade. Nothing new besides Shadow of the Colossus (because Sony wants you to BC through their convenient payment plan) and a few games we already knew about.

Nobody really won E3 this year. MS showed off 1X and games we already knew about. Sony showed off games we knew about and a bunch of VR shovelware.

MS at least got to show just how sad the Pro is at making current gen games look better. If anything, that puts MS ahead of Sony for this year. The real fight comes next year, when everything we know about from MS will have already released and it will be all about new games. Sony will have to bring back their A game if they want to compete.

iDadio493d ago

They could of showed new games this year.

They didn't because they have none, not because they wanted the console to take the whole conference. If the show had a couple of AAA megatons that actually showed the console off then N4G would of been a very different place right now but that is not what happened it was a whimper of a show. I was most impressed graphically by Metro and it turned out that was running on a PC as a kick in the teeth.

"The games are coming" - Phil every single year.

TheCommentator493d ago

Yes, you're soooo right, iDadio. MS will release all of their known software this year, and at next years' E3 there will literally be nothing because MS has no studios making games right now.


OB1Biker493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

Except Sony showed mind blowing trailers of these games while Ms I'd say not mind blowing to be polite

XanderZane493d ago

It was pretty bad. Ubisoft had a better show overall. Nintendo didn't do to bad either. There show was just way to short and didn't show enough content. If they had shown 6-7 more exclusive games, they would have won easily.

ocelot07493d ago

@IDadio Sony have no new games in development? Is that what you are trying to say? So what is this new Sucker Punch game they have been working on for some time now? What is the name of it since it's not a new title? Studio Japan do you think they are not working on anything? Considering it's bluepoint games that's working on Shadow.

TheCommentator493d ago

No ocelot, he's saying that MS had no games to show.

iDadio493d ago

I'm not saying they have 0, I'm saying they showed 0...again.

If your impressed by another Forza fair enough but where was the reason to drop that kind of money on the system? The promise that some multiplays will be better just isn't enough to cut it not yet and not at that price. If you read eurogamers interview they press Phil on it and he squirms and has no answer.

TheCommentator493d ago

IDadio quotes:
• They didn't (show games) because they have none...
• I'm not saying they have 0...


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iDadio493d ago

Monster Hunter got my biggest reaction.

Whilst your point may stand, the difference was that the games (even the new ones) that MS showed were multi plat whilst Sony had a few exclusives (proper exclusives before you attempt to rebuke me) on offer.

darthv72494d ago

And Nintendo butt stomped them both.

DeadManMMX493d ago

By making big announcements for games we won't see until 2019 and beyond.