Phil Spencer wants original Xbox emulation and Game Pass on PCs

Microsoft gave a big boost to backward compatibility on Xbox One by announcing the addition of original Xbox games to the program during its E3 2017 briefing, but Microsoft may have even bigger plans still ahead for OG Xbox games on PC.

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lelo2play2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Wouldn't mind Xbox 360 emulation on the PC.

starchild2295d ago

I really hope Microsoft follows through with this idea. I would love to have backwards compatibility for Xbox games (and Xbox 360 games) on my PC. I still own games like Otogi, Otogi 2, Crimson Skies and Shenmue II and it would be great to play them again.

darthv722295d ago

If for some reason that doesnt happen on PC (which it should) then you can still play them on the xbo (provided those games are supported).

I was honestly hoping they announce a new crimson skies to coincide with the ability to play the og. Call it Crimson Skies: Revenge Flies Again

2pacalypsenow2295d ago

You can already play every OG Xbox game, with an emulator. For free

hamzilla2295d ago

Don't think so. Prove it please. I have yet to find a fully 100% working Xbox Emulator

Deep-throat2295d ago

No you can't. Xbox emulation is pretty weak.

starchild2295d ago

No you can't. There's no working emulator for Xbox on PC. You would think there would be, but nobody has ever got an Xbox emulator to a playable state. Microsoft engineers are perfectly positioned to make this happen though. I hope they do.

bluebenjamin2295d ago

I with them you gotta show me

timotim2295d ago

Can you upload game clips and screen shots to Xbox Live? Can you join Xbox Live party chats and receive Xbox game invites while playing these free emulator OG Xbox games?

PlayableGamez-2295d ago

I think MS can make a better one.

slate912295d ago

I love how 2pacalypse makes statements like this and then disappears xD

thatguyhayat2295d ago

Thats exactly what he does providing false hope lol

hamzilla2275d ago

Maybe he got shot after posting it? and in 20 years we will see a internet movie called N4G remembers 2pacalypse?!

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B1uBurneR2295d ago

Do it. Make them playable on Android device scaled it. Since most games are 5-7 GB