Mario Kart 64 on the VC next Monday

My goodness yes. After an absolute absence of any N64 games since the launch title Super Mario 64, a recent press release from Nintendo has confirmed that next week will see the arrival of one of the greatest N64 games ever released: Mario Kart 64.

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The great 15226d ago

.................... complete sh1te, absolute pish, this is the crap nintendo fanboys tried to use to justify there console being better than the ps1, oh how wrong those nintendo fanboys were, sega saturn was a better console than the N64, i mean the Saturn had, Duke Nukem, Tomb Raider, Command and Conquer, VF, House of the Dead, Sonic Racing, and N64 had this garbage, makes me sick arghhhhhh.

tatotiburon5226d ago

yo make me sick dude jajaja...mario kart is the greatest, saturn was with the dreamcast que venom for sega, crap consoles...

marionz5226d ago

but crap graphics, some of those old ps1 games were so pixelated you could hardly make them out!

Arsenic135226d ago

stfu , stop b!tching about 10 yr old gamees, get wit the times, nintendo will always be better than playstation.

eclipsegryph5226d ago

I don't know why such an announcement would raise anyone's ire - this is a game that many people have requested to be put on the Virtual Console since it's inception! Good call, Nintendo. Good call.

True Gamer5226d ago

My favorite old-gen console was the PS1.

N64 used cartridges and I was left unimpressed with it. This is one of the good games for it though, along with SM64 and Zelda OOT :)

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The story is too old to be commented.