Nintendo Single-Handedly Stole The Show At E3

In what might have otherwise been one of the most lackluster E3s in recent memory, Nintendo managed to deliver heads and tails above its competitors in just half an hour.

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-Foxtrot2111d ago

You mean for the same thing we just bitched at Microsoft and Sony for...

Good lord and some people wonder where the "Nintendo gets a free pass" thing comes from.

Neonridr2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

well in all fairness to Nintendo, the majority of the games shown were 2017 titles.

To be honest, I think all 3 had a solid showing. Games were shown for all 3 consoles. Everybody won I think as there are plenty of good titles for any console owner to enjoy.

I almost lost my shit when I saw the 4 pop up though.. although I would have loved to have seen a snippit of the game.

darthv722111d ago

there is a new 3ds metroid as well. Just watched the trailer on YT and it looks cool.

I was hoping for a new fzero but with fast racing league now the game i play... FZero can take all the time it needs.

Concertoine2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

As an xbox owner i was sorely disappointed by their e3. They have nothing for me but crackdown this year, which i have been waiting 3.5 years for. The fact that Sea of Thieves was announced in 2014 means i might be waiting 4 years for it.

Sony i thought was good, but not great like their past 2 e3's have been.

Nintendo's got a great line up this year, their best since 2014. But nothing on the horizon makes me want to get a switch right this minute. Prime 4 and Xenoblade is all they have that really appeals to hardcore gamers. The kirby and yoshi games im not a fan of. Mario looks great. I was expecting Beyond Good and Evil 2 (which, despite rumors is coming everywhere BUT Switch) or Bayonetta 3 which was teased.

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sk8ofmnd2111d ago

Agreed but i wanted to see more than a cloudy logo. I could have easilly waited until next e3... And ppl always claim nintendo only show games that are near release. They could have at least told us who was making it. I wish sony pulled the same logo only crap so nintendo fans would understand how ridiculous it sounds that a logo stole the show lol..

Babadook72111d ago

I never got excited by anything during the Nintendo stream. Not a great year for anyone.

Neonridr2110d ago

@Babadook7 - fair enough, Nintendo isn't for everyone. I, on the other hand, will have plenty to play on my Switch this fall.

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Jaypi032111d ago

I don't think Nintendo get a free pass. I feel like Microsoft got heat for their over pricing of the Xbox One X but overall they had a solid showing at E3 with tons of games.

Sony on the other hand didn't even present their trailers they just outright kept throwing it at us without any kind of anticipation build up or anything, they seem to have forgotten that people go to the conferences for a show, not just a montage of gameplay with no context to it.

Blastoise2111d ago

You want a show? How about a musical band playing, people's hanging from ropes, flames and flags dropping down.

I'll take flames over a load of boring talk any day. We don't need context, it's a game, here it is.

Last_Boss2111d ago

Ill take it. It's no difference than watching a preview at a movie, except no green or red band attached to it

showtimefolks2111d ago


I am sorry I like this games games and more games strategy by Sony. Why try to waste on stage time by talking when you can show games

GamingIVfun2111d ago

They did the conference the same way they did it last year and last year they were praised by most everyone for it, the only thing is that this year the Sony conference showed less and it was shorter. But they showed a lot of games in the hour long pre show. probably should have started the show at 5pm pacific and combined the pre show stuff with the actual conference. Wasn't as good as last year but it wasn't terrible.

Nitrowolf22111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Lol the only r3ason why Sony has been doi g this format for the last 2 e3 is because people complained to much about talking. They get the boring stuff that us gamers dont care about. Id rather just bit hit woth trailer after trailer than a 10 minute talk about nothing that doesnt play much into the game and then a rrailer

modelgod2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

As a xbox fan I think Sony didn't have to do too much, they delivered enough games already this year, and showing a bunch of games that's going to release next year is perfectly fine. If you nit pick then that means your looking for anything that'll give your preferred console a 1-up mushroom (lol) over Sony.

2110d ago
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cleft52111d ago

If Valve was releasing Half Life 3 people would be happy as well. Its not a Nintendo pass, its an iconic game that people have wanted forever from a company they trust to deliver a high quality product.

-Foxtrot2111d ago

For Half Life this point they wouldn't dare just show a logo and that's it.

They'd have something for it


Considering when it was Episode 3 we had concept art of it, Half Life 3 would actually have more to show at this point then Metroid 4 and the Pokemon RPG


No game play, no cinematic video, no release date not even a single screen shot. Nintendo fans sure settle for just about anything! That's a free pass!

Clumpy2110d ago


Metroid 4? Metroid 4 was released in 2002... 😂

Sono4212110d ago

Not gonna lie.. I was very impressed with Nintendo.. I mean this year is set (In my opinion) for games, Arms/Splatoon 2 coming soon, then the amazing looking mario odyssey coming later this year! (Damn that new trailer looked SO GOOD! then kirby and yoshi new games announced and coming out 2018, then we have New metroid and new MAIN SERIES Pokemon game coming to the switch! Omg the only thing that could have made it better would be Kriby air ride 2! I mean it is sad to think about how far away Metroid and pokemon are... but I'm just glad to see Nintendo is actually supporting the switch with the games I want. Thank you Nintendo!

Uken122110d ago

You guys seriously lack logic. Metered Prime 4 being announced just confirms to fans that Metroid is being made and to expect a reveal soon. That is a great thing. Haters gonna hate.

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KaladinStormblessed2111d ago

Nintendo has never gotten a pass at E3, remember last year? There were hundreds upon hundreds of Nintendoom articles after their showing. All 3 had some decent content, but none of them were really outstanding.

Defiantmac2111d ago

Confirming Prime 4 is in development and that a Pokemon RPG is coming to the Switch is a big deal for a lot of people.

Not exactly sure why you keep saying Nintendo is getting a free pass, they announced two titles that create excitement and something to look forward to. Sure, a screenshot or trailer would have been great, but now we have 2018 E3 to look forward to.

OMNlPOTENT2111d ago

Technically I've seen the same comment for every e3 showing thus far. "Blah blah killed it" "this studio won e3". It isn't just Nintendo getting a free pass, I've heard it about all three. It's all a matter of perspective, and depending which games excited you as an individual the most will make you decide "who won e3".

3-4-52111d ago

Foxtrot.....Nintendo gets a free pass ? They get crapped on daily from people like you. My can't even admit one thing they do are full on delusional with your so0ny love.

davand1142111d ago

Nintendo didn't show anything from last year and they showed first party exclusives. Sony is getting shit because they basically showed exactly the same thing from last year with none of it coming until next year.

Knushwood Butt2111d ago

Uncharted has a release date in 2017, and GT Sport should be out this year too, fingers crossed.

I don't care who 'won' E3, but I'll be getting these two on Day 1.

_-EDMIX-_2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Sony also announced three new IPs

The inpatient
Bravo Team
Hidden Agenda

So not sure if I'd say "exactly the same"

kaiserxblue2111d ago

Good point but it doens't matter, Nintendo gets a free pass simply because Metroid Prime 4 > any other game thrown from the competition.
It hurts doesn't it?

conanlifts2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

? They showed more than half a dozen exclusives being released this year, plus a couple extra. They confirmed metroid and pokemon rpg are being developed. Plus they showed 2 new games for next year. How is that the same? Most of xbox and sony games are 2018, not this year. I actually think that for once Nintendo did actually win E3. But the bar was set Low compared to previous years.

Erik73572111d ago

Well Nintendo actually has a track record of delivering consistently good games and not just one developer or two under Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo track record much more trustworthy

Uken122110d ago

Wrong dude, e3 was bad. Sony is the company that always gets a "Free Pass".

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UCForce2111d ago

Well, Nintendo stole the Show. As PS fanboy, I'm happy for them.

isa_scout2111d ago

It's pretty easy to have an impressive show when it only lasts 25 minutes.


Except they didn't! No game play, no cinematic video, no release date not even a single screen shot. That hardly steals anything.

Now, game play wise, the only impressive game they showed was Mario O.

masterfox2111d ago

The only thing they stole is my precious expensive bandwidth from my internet provider lol, damn you Nintendo thief's.

mamotte2111d ago

You must be really stu... weird to see a show you didn't want to see in the first place. Even if you started to see it, you could quit anytime. Who was the one that forced you to see the show? Point it to me, little boy.

modelgod2111d ago

Actually we're gamers and E3 is THE premiere event of the year. ...why wouldn't we watch everyone's conference?

Studio-YaMi2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Stupid Nintendo stole nothing, they had the WORST E3 showing of all the conferences held, they showed nothing of interest, they showed a copy paste Kirby game like every Kirby game that came to Wii and Wii U, they showed a freaking Title screen for Metroid 4 and an "announcement" that they are making a Pokemon game for the Switch but they couldn't show anything of it or even have a project name for it LOL, let's not talk about that kiddy Yoshi game they showed as well, because it looks more kiddy than Yoshi wooly world.

Nintendo fanboys are seriously mentally challenged if they think that Nintendo E3 was anything to brag about and I'm saying "fanboys" here, the regular fans are decent on all platforms.

They even ruined Mario Odyssey with that stupid Kirby get in the skin and get powers of your enemies bullsh*t, are the people at Nintendo out of good ideas? the premise of what they showed for Mario Odyssey when the Switch launched was SOLID, why ruin it with that "hat gives you your enemies powers" sh*t?

But hey, you got Mario VS Rabbids(which I think look interesting other than giving Mario a gun)

PS: as confirmed by Capcom themselves, the new Monster Hunter World is a main game in the series and not a spin-off and there is nothing being made for the Switch at the moment(so probably MH:XX won't get localized)...let that sink in for a moment. :D

My E3 rating :
Xbox : 6/10 (I gave them 7/10 but I'm giving this score to Sony for their exclusives even though they aren't that many)
Sony : 7/10
Nintendo : 3/10 (they had the worst and shortest conference)

2111d ago
EddieNX 2111d ago

Lemme guess. Butthurt Nintendo hater ^^^

JackBNimble2111d ago

You're all talk just like Nintendo

bouzebbal2111d ago

You are so full of crap..
Now in development
New kirby
New yoshi
New Mario trailer

Talk about bombs...

Exact same games they show every single show. Wiiu bombed, with these very same games.

_-EDMIX-_2111d ago

errr not really.

They had a good showing, but nothing shown was a new IP, nothing shown is really getting anyone to buy this that never bought Nintendo hardware before.

Their issue isn't Nintendo fans, you think they dropped "bombs" sooooo that only further shows that this was for their fans, but with 3DS selling less then PSP and Wii U moving 14 million units, they have a market share that is shrinking.

This wasn't a bad showing, but it wasn't anything that would get someone to buy Switch that was a "non-Nintendo" fan.

I feel dropping bombs is new IPs, something that you would have never thought to see.

Anthem is dropping bombs, Skull and Bones is dropping bombs, those are new IP and anyone that didn't care for EA or Ubisoft might consider buying those games.

What Nitnendo showed was more or less exactly what we are sorta use to, sequels to the same IPs.

Not saying its bad, but can't really say its "dropping bombs" or anything like that.

What if EA didn't show Anthem, but just showed Madden, Fifa ,Battlefront etc, wouldn't you think its strange that someone EVERY YEAR would keep saying " Madden, Fifa bro, EA DROPPED BOMBS".

Look at it from a publisher stand point, I know you like those games, but you are just too bias to see such a thing. They had a good showing for Nintendo, they didn't have a showing that was industry changing or market share growing or anything like that.

EA, Ubisoft, Sony etc did, those 3 actually showed new IPs that will grow and build the brand. Zero new IPs were shown by Nintendo.

Again....not bad, but that showing was even less then EA, EA at least had a new IP.


Lol "boms" with no game play, no cinematic video, no release date not even a single screen shot. Nintendo fans sure settle for just about anything!

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Protagonist2111d ago

Please explain how a title screen saying "in development" is dropping bombs???

Honestly where do you disillusioned nintendo fans come from??? are you getting paid by nintendo???

light692111d ago

You talk about delusion but the fact is this happens all the time and more so by 3rd parties. Take a moment to fact check your shit before you are triggered. If you can't acknowledge past games that have done the same then you're just a hypocrite delusional idiot

conanlifts2111d ago

To be fair they are the only company that showcased over a half dozen exclusives being released this year. Plus they confirmed 2 big ips in development and a few new 2018 games.
For me Xenoblade 2 is a must have.

Summons752110d ago

How about that Shenmue 3 that still hasn't had anything but you PS fanboys were over the moon for it? How about Good Beyond Evil 2 which had nothing for it? People can't be excited to finally have confirmation a long awaited game or series exists? Funny how MS or Sony can't do that but it's a crime for Nintendo to do it. I was excited when The Last of Us Part 2 was announced but that didn't have gameplay and I was excited for a new Metroid.

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Jaypi032111d ago

Absolutely, Nintendo AND Ubisoft came though with the games this year, proving that quality and good gameplay will always trump scripted trailer and power.

Last_Boss2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Ubisoft?!! Have several seats, The skull and Crossbones game?! They did the same thing with For Honor, by stripping a gameplay element from assassins Creed and make it versus MP, which will die faster 1st generation 360. Scripted trailer?!! You know you're salty when you're only system doesn't have cinematic titles to match gameplay, and it's all good we get it. I'll stand with some of the fans of Nintendo, but not the ones who only grew up with 3DS as a gaming example to the industry, to keep stagnate. If your only kissing Ubisofts ass because of Rabbids thing, then you should at least do better with the wack ass comment. I saw Indie games from MS that kicked ass and they were on par with what was shown.

2111d ago Replies(3)

Oh though talk! Where's your metroid prime 4 game play? 😵😵😵

How easily Nintendumbs get shut down!