Neil Druckmann explains why The Last of Us Part II was absent in E3 2017

Neil Druckmann, one of the head of Naughty Dog, explains why the highly anticipated sequel was absent at the E3 2017 show, stating that "Believe me, we're super excited to show you more of Ellie and Joel's 2nd journey, but right now it's Chloe and Nadine's time to shine."

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AspiringProGenji544d ago

Fine by me. The Lost Legacy is looking pretty good

skydragoonityx544d ago

As far as I'm concerned, Chloe is the new lara croft

feraldrgn543d ago

Exactly, when I watched that part I thought "Stand aside Lara Croft".

UltraNova543d ago

And she is alot more tastier if you catch my drift ;-)

Erik7357544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

But why announce the game last e3 and not show it next e3? By all means take your time but stop having cgi or over promising in game trailers early in development

Nyxus544d ago

It wasn't shown last E3, it was revealed at PSX.

Last_Boss544d ago

Naughty dog does not do CGI!! Lmao!! Also ask the same of the movie industry who can't stop rebooting series or butchering classics to death with remakes. ND doesn't have to prove a thing more since Uncharted 2, like ever. They set the bar ridiculous high.

anticooper544d ago

Neil druckman just explained makes sense to me.

BarneyS544d ago

And the dumbest comment of the month award goes to...... Erik7357!!! Congratulations!

Chevalier544d ago

Can't get your facts straight, it was announced at PSX and will probably be at this years PSX as well.

KwietStorm544d ago

Oh Erik... Keep fighting the good fight.

notachance544d ago

"but stop having cgi or over promising in game trailers early in development"

huh? you're seriously saying that to Naughty Dog?
they're not Ubisoft son

UCForce544d ago

That's not happening with ND. ND raised the bar very high interm of graphic.

Sunny_D544d ago

Nice..... uninformed as usual.

_-EDMIX-_544d ago

last E3?

Ummmmm oooook.

When was this at E3 last year? I must have missed that.

Also ND doesn't do CGI, that was actually in game, but the team thanks you for the complement

"over promising in game trailers early in development"

I know right, but some text on screen to you is game of show? hmmmmmm

_-EDMIX-_543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

but hey, its CGI right?

You know what you just did bud? You just revealed this team is soooooooo good, you thought it was CGI.

They are indeed that good.

If you played Uncharted 4, you'd know they are that good, heck if you played Horizon, you'd know PS4 can do this.


All those are from photomode. Feel free to look it up

I can see how you thought it was CGI, if you don't know the teams work, of course it can come off that way, but.....I guess thanks lol

Ceaser9857361543d ago

"But why announce the game last e3 and not show it next e3? "

Jokes on you ERIK

"stop having cgi or over promising in game trailers early in development":

It was in game and NOT CGI..ND dont do CGI... and what's wrong with showing game early?? The fans loved it.. Why do you have problem with that..

MVGeneral543d ago

Oh Erik..erik..erik
I commend your dedication to Nintendo and your fight against sony and the spreading of nintendo propaganda. You sir are a General in the Nintendo defense force, the leader of the resistance. Uninformed and mostly unintelligent, yet you are still fighting that good fight.
Outnumbered and out classed, you still log in every day and somehow find one little inch to gain some sort of victory for the NDF.

Wallstreet37543d ago

Over promising? Lol why announce? Your nonsense is ridiculous worry about why Nintendo announced Zelda years ahead of time then stalled it to pad Switch lineup. Sony hardly ever shows cgi lol Worry about Pokémon switch being announced nothing to show yet with no release date. Worry about new metroid teased also with no more information or release schedule.

Please out of all the devs when it comes to Sony first party they show real in game or usually live demos (they started that trend but this e3 didn't really do that?). With Sony first party usually what you see is what you get or better.

Some of you guys move goal posts depending on how you want to troll. For a twentieth time WTF said e3 is just to show games coming out withing a year period? It's to get gamers hype, to inform them and Sony shows games coming out soon and some with more than a year off. They can do that because unlike others their continuous stream of exclusives are constantly flowing.

Bro stop being hypocritical.

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-Foxtrot544d ago

I feel like it's got more of an Uncharted vibe then Uncharted 4

Looks fantastic and Chloe shines as always but Nadine still....urgh. Still would have preferred Cutter and see their relationship develop more. The short time they had together in Drakes Deception felt like they had been a team for years. Could have had a cameo from Sully aswell.

UCForce544d ago

After I look the trailer, Nadine and Chole seem like rival partnership and they have trust issues one way another. So my bet they going to have a fight in the end.

VsAssassin544d ago

Yeah, Charlie Cutter would have made a great partner too. That said, I am alright with Nadine. I just wish they flesh her out some more. I felt like her participation in UC4 was incomplete. I wanted good closure for her character there really.

Sevir543d ago

Meh! Uncharted 4 was awesome, and Nadine was a very compelling villain. More so than the guy in the end of it. Two rogue characters getting on an adventure with different motives being forced to depend on each other is awesome. Especially when the two of them are strong female leads in a industry that continues to play it safe with male characters.

This fall MS once again has Nothing to counter Uncharted!

BiggerBoss543d ago

I agree that it should have been Cutter instead of Nadine. He's such a great character and it's a shame we didn't get to see him more

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Kurisu544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

And me. I'll definitely be replaying the first game again before Part II arrives. Bought it at launch on PS3 and again on PS4 during a digital sale, but I haven't played it yet. Looking to get a 4KTV and a Pro at either the end of the year or early next year in time for God of War, so I'll play it then! Will be fresh in my mind again then :)

Sam Fisher544d ago

So in a way theyll show it on psx

starchild544d ago

Almost certainly. Uncharted The Lost Legacy is coming out in September and PS4 isn't until December. Naughty Dog is just giving The Lost Legacy its time to shine, but by PSX I'm fairly certain they'll be ready to show off The Last of Us Part 2.

starchild544d ago

This makes sense. Give the spotlight to Uncharted The Lost Legacy and not overshadow it by showing The Last of Us Part 2. I agree that Uncharted The Lost Legacy is looking awesome. I have a fascination with India, so I'm glad the game is set there. It seems they have fleshed it out into pretty much a full standalone game. Really looking forward to another Uncharted adventure.

UCForce544d ago

Nadine and Chole don't seem trust each other pretty well. I saw them fighting against each other in the trailer.

543d ago
543d ago
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chrisx544d ago

Makes sense. We know TLOU2 is coming. Looking forward to the ucharted expansion

Tripl3seis544d ago

I'm cool with it take your time guys

jay2544d ago

no nate no uncharted sonys show was just stuff we've seen before apart from moster hunter

SirBradders544d ago

Well Microsoft announced all the third party games so Sony had to reveal more on their first party lineup.

544d ago
Allsystemgamer544d ago

You mean like all those games MS has been showing for years now? And those getting cancelled? Or revealing games that have been out on pc for a while already?

ninsigma543d ago

And shadow of the colossus and horizon dlc and skrim VR and spider man gameplay and new VR games.

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