Xbox One X: Microsoft’s Gaming Comeback or Just Another PS4 Pro?

After the Project Scorpio was announced at E3 2016 last year, it has been heavily researched and discussed by games journalists everywhere. As the year went on, we got more and more detail about the console and now we have a name, price, and 100% confirmed release window. Now known as Xbox One X, Microsoft’s new console is set to release on November 7th, 2017 for $499.

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Nyxus2065d ago

It's not going to make a huge difference. Phil Spencer himself said that most people will still go for the Xbox One S. Price is a more important factor for many people than power.

timotim2064d ago

That's no difference than most people going for PS4 over Pro.

Obscure_Observer2064d ago


"It's not going to make a huge difference"

Ark Survival Evolved:

X - 1080p/60fps
Pro - 1080p/30fps

If it doubles the framerate over the Pro is not a huge diffrence, i don´t know what it is.

Nyxus2064d ago

I mean in terms of market share for the XB1. Performance-wise that's a different story.

skydragoonityx2065d ago

There's no comeback again this gen for MS. Try again next gen

Kerppamaister2064d ago

MS pulled a munson. From now on they'll announce the total sales of all Xbox units sold. As in not per gen like so far.

PhoenixUp2065d ago

There is no comeback for Microsoft. Let's not even pretend that XOX will have a huge impact on their standing in the console market

Lennoxb632065d ago

Neither. It's not a comeback and it's not another Pro.

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The story is too old to be commented.