Sony's E3 Conference Brought The Games Of 2018, But Forgot About The Present

TSA writes, "This press conference almost felt like a replay of 2016, with many of the games shown simply solidifying a 2018 release date. God of War, Detroit Become Human and Spider-Man, all looked excellent, capable of being real system sellers with huge ambition, but they simply went from being "TBC" to "2018", and that leaves us wondering about the end of this year."

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ps3vita4life2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

With games like Uncharted: TLL, HZD DLC, Ni No Kuni 2, Knack 2, GT Sport and more coming out this year in addition to countless third-party games, I'd say they've got this year covered. Plus, Sony has found great success in releasing their biggest hitters in the less-crowded Q1/Q2 period so why change now. I was however slightly disappointed with the lack of surprises compared to previous E3s

AspiringProGenji2109d ago

That is right!

I'm not surprised that this lineup is going over their heads because they are not getting the AAAs they want this year...

"Forgot about the present."
Yeah right...

yeahright22109d ago

Not to mention the thing with E3 is these guys always save some stuff for later. Tokyo game show, paris games week, games developer conference, PSX. We've got plenty more coming. And that's not even limited to Sony.

fiveby92109d ago

I agree. These articles are just ridiculous. Trying to diminish a show that was full of content. Sony setting up for a great 2018 and likely a very strong holiday season this year. And frankly I feel the same for MS's show. They both did decent job. Trying to raise yourself up by pushing someone else down is not a successful strategy. Do I think X1X will dominate the market suddenly? No. But if the product works for some people, fine by me. Enjoy your gaming platform of choice. Kinda glad with PC and PS4 I will have plenty of choice.

4Sh0w2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

So now we are going to count DLC like a brand new full game? lol, by that logic Microsoft released alot of new games this year.

'meh they both had games, but most indies from Microsoft and all the VR stuff from Sony bored me. Microsoft deffinitely showed more quantity with lots of variety, but Id probably play only about 1/4 of what they showed. Sony definitely showed more quality exclusives but it was the same stuff from last year. Now the excuses I'm hearing for both is their saving stuff for either Gamescom or Tokyo, yeah right, they could have still shown more and then had great floor gameplay demos at those usual. BOTH dropped the ball with no huge announcements.

Fanboys from both sides are making these company's complacent.

Sony C+
Microsoft C

AspiringProGenji2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Who is counting DLC as a new game? Uncharted TLL is an standalone expansion and has the lenght of most games nowadays BTW, and Horizon DLC is a very cool addition and will have length

also if W3 DLCs were ridiculously considered a new games to the point people debated whether it deserves to be nominated as goty, whu can't horizon be considered one as well?

And when you exclude Horizon DLC, there's still Crash Trilogy, GT Sport, Knack 2, Hellblade and Ni No Kuni 2 (not exclusives but still part of the lineup) and Materfall. That is a cool lineup and very diversed

tyasia02109d ago

Personally my favorite part was when Shawn said "True Exclusive" twice in a row at the end... I have to wonder if he saw this comment where I said this "I hope they say "true exclusive" a lot.. like every other word lol"

Anyways I'll assume it was just coincidence, but I'd like to believe he read it and thought it was funny.

lodossrage2109d ago


"So now we are going to count DLC like a brand new full game? lol, by that logic Microsoft released alot of new games this year. "

Oh don't even start that. How many times have people counted new seasons of Killer Instinct as if it was a new game?

4Sh0w2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

No, I never counted Killer Instinct seasons, Forza DLC, Gears4, Halo5 or any other expansion when discussing new exclusives coming out. That's BS, no matter how good that's just not a new game and the problem is once you do that the lines become very blurry as to what are new releases for each console and what's not. Now I got no problem with being excited for new content, FH3 Hot Wheels is giving me all kinds of new playtime but I never responded to "Xbox has no games" with "No, there was Halo Wars2 this year, FH3 Hot Wheels, Halo5 this, and Gears4 that, just doesn't make sense in a(new) games lineup discussion ause it's understood folks are discussing separate new releases.

I'd acknowledge a full remaster like Shadow of the Collossus is considered new in terms of the lineup shown because it's a remake of a very old game, not currently on the platform. My point is what are we exactly counting when we say a consoles games lineup for the year, is DLC now separate games?

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Markusb332109d ago

I did expect crash team racing, new sucker punch, new from software and a price cut or at least one of those.
I know they have to spread out announcements but 1 big surprise would have been good.

Aenea2109d ago

Yeah I expected more NEW announcements, but those would not have been for this year either anyways.

I think Sony is trying to not announce games too early, or they are saving them for other shows (Tokyo, Paris, Gamescom, PSX)

yeahright22109d ago

New sucker punch no show was a disappointment. but I did kind of half expect them to save it for PSX. I have a feeling that they're going to start treating PSX as a showcase for the indies, pet projects and one big gun. Sucker punch being said big gun this year.

Saigon2109d ago

Just because it was a no show during the presentation does not mean t\a game developed by them wasn't there. E3, especially Sony during this time, is known to have secret meetings with the press to show a game that wasn't ready to present to the public. A great example of this was Infamous. This game was a secretly developed by sucker Punch for a while on the PS3 and for the longest the press where the only ones that new of the game. I am sure sony has done this with the rumored games from those developers during this E3. So now we need to watch out for TGS GDC PGW and PSX.

Ashunderfire862109d ago

You didn't find Monster Hunter World and Shadow of Collossus remake surprising? Those were fricking awesome!!!

AnubisG2109d ago

They were nice, but not megatons. Compared to last years E3 this was a lettdown.

ninsigma2109d ago

Both trademarks got picked up on before the show and posted on here so it wasn't as surprising as it could have been. Putting possible spoilers in article titles is b*llocks

Glak182109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The rumor is Sony is going to produce a new tv series called 21 Jump Street next year. Then in 7 years are going to make a movie based on the 2017 tv show. The new service is called Digital Remaster Remake Digital Streams 4U.

Only on the RemakeStation.

"Remakeness awaits you!"

ICO remaster remake follows shortly.

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joab7772109d ago

And that doesn't even include Horizon, Nioh, Nier, P5 and many others we already have this yr. You could spend the entire year and not finish just the PS4 exclusive content. So what is this author talking about?

I think they have lined themselves up perfectly, and laugh at articles like this.

Phill-Spencer2109d ago

Ikr im still not nearly finished with yakuza zero after completing nioh (only 1 playthrough) and horizon. Yet i haven't even bought persona 5, yooka layle and BotW. They all are very time consuming. Crash is around the corner and it's a day one because it is one of the few games my wife is also wants to play, thats 3 games added to my pile of games. Uncharted dlc in august and i keep an eye on how cod ww2 turns out and how much content vanilla destiny 2 offers same as battlefront2.

I'm easily covered for the rest of the year and almost have to put in work to not generate a even bigger backlog.

Z5012109d ago

I guess the author has already completed Dragon Quest Heroes, World of Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon & Persona 5 /

2109d ago
leeeroythe3rd2109d ago

Knack 2 ... yeah good luck. Ni no... appeals to tiny audience nice game though... gt sport, so when is this amazeballs racer going to show itself? Dud onarrival

That leaves the back story game that was peiced together mid development of uncharted4 and an expac for a great game.
Pretty light on exclusive content to bring people to make either or choice.

Ceaser98573612109d ago

"But Forgot About The Present"
Whoa!! someone's living under the rock... I guess it was Dec 2016 and then June 12th 2017 for the writer... He totally forgot about the no. of games (not just okay games) which received good reviews released in Q1.. Then we have Hellblade (coming on pc) , Lost Legacy, GT SPORTS and Horizon Dlc The Frozen wild to follow...

Relientk772109d ago

Sony held back

They have more

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Relientk772109d ago

Disappointed they didn't show Ni no Kuni 2 during the conference. It's the PS4 game I'm most looking forward to in the fall. It deserves to be on the main stage. All JRPGs in general deserve it.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and Final Fantasy 12 remastered also coming out this year...

Ron_Danger2109d ago

Here's the Ni No Kuni 2 E3 trailer in case you missed it:

AspiringProGenji2109d ago

That is what Tokio Games Show is for

Eldyraen2109d ago

I have a feeling we will finally see a ton of great more modern rpgs and action titles out of Japan during TGS.

FFXV was really the turning point where these kinds of Japanese Devs started to show the power of PS4 in their games. Before that most were a bit more dated (Star Ocean 5 being one of the "better" dated jrpgs in a world of PS3/Vita/PS4 jrpgs). MGS was probably the first Action title to cross that bridge though but this year we saw a few more joining them (Nioh, Neir, Persona). Bloodborne looks great but even it and DS3 were a little "off" compared to Western games that released during the same time periods and could use a little more in their next installments.

TGS though... new games should be killer but I'm not expecting them all to be equivalent to a Western standard quite yet (many Japanese studios are still smaller than Western ones and several Japanese Devs over the years have stated Japanese game development was still "behind" in a sense and think they're really just now catching up for some of the the bigger players even).

Switch is another device I want to see in TGS. This is actually the Switch's first e3 and TGS after all. Rumors were rampant last year but it wasn't announced until after both came and went. Japan will probably be the Switch's biggest supporter, and that's okay by me for now.

Good-Smurf2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

They did have trailer of Ni no Kuni 2 but it's on during preshow where most people don't give a damn which is a shame.
GT Sport trailers simply went right over most people' heads since it was also on during preshow.
I still cringe about the comments about "why didn't show this x game on the showcase?"
And ProJared thought Uncharted The Lost Legacy E3 trailer were CG!?
It's not that hard to click the replay of the livestream people...

Hardiman2109d ago

I agree this year was the first time I watched the pre show and I have to say I liked a lot of games that were shown then!

LOGICWINS2109d ago

I'm just happy they mentioned Persona 5 at the conference. I want Sony to know that there's still a market for turn-based RPGs.

Aenea2109d ago

It was shown in the pre-show.

They did a lot in the pre-show which I found weird, Knack 2, those PlayLink games, GT Sport, some Indies, some more VR games, etc., etc.

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-Foxtrot2109d ago

Well in their defence they did have Horizon, Nioh, Nier and Gravity Rush 2 this year along with the upcoming Crash remake, Ni No Kuni, Horizon/Uncharted expansions and the like. Not always about the holidays when third party games usually take up so much space.

OB1Biker2109d ago

Knack 2 and GTS announced for this year too. People want to put imaginary post limits that everything announced even ten minutes before the official conference doesnt count. Also of course VR games dont count, until Ms says otherwise.

vallencer2109d ago

It's not that the post show doesn't count. It's that your conference is what a huge majority of people watch. So if it isn't announced there a lot of people don't know about it. That's literally the point of a e3 conference.

Eldyraen2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I don't own a VR yet and probably won't buy one any time soon but a few looked great (a few older ones too). Bethesda has me on the fence more than any other Dev though for VR really. Skyrim and Fallout both were shown on it this year.

vallencer2109d ago

No defence at all. Sony's press conference was super lack luster. Not saying it wasn't good but it wasn't great or amazing. Nothing blew me away. I understand that's a personal thing. The reality is they only announced two games that no-one saw coming that were big worthwhile games. Shadow and monster Hunter. Only one of those games is exclusive. No last of us 2, no new ips. Everyone gets on MS for not having exclusives and then sony announces nothing and all of a sudden it's ok. Come on people.

-Foxtrot2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

No no no the problem with Microsoft is not just because they don't have exclusive line ups at E3 it's because they have hardly any of them during the year.

So while I might not see as many this Holiday I still need to get Nier and Gravity Rush, still need to fully get through Nioh but got distracted by another game so as you can see I still have a lot to get through. Then once Ni No Kuni comes out I'll be on that. Sonys was lacklustre I won't deny that and this isn't a defence of their conference but it was still better

In general E3 sucked money balls this year

tontontam02109d ago

Thats the problem with teasing a game too early. 3 conference a year and you expect sony or even microsoft to show new games each show?

never4get2109d ago

By now everyone should have the memo, Greatness Awaits.

vallencer2109d ago

Ok but all of sonys games they announced at the conference, not pre show, have dates for next year except uncharted and the horizon dlc. If there are more feel free to tell me. Sonys conference was not better in anyway. They announced less games then microsoft did and not anything new. Sure they have PSX but that doesn't change the fact that they dropped the ball hard for e3. I just don't get how anyway can say it was luck luster but still better when MS just had more and ironically enough different games to show. But hey to each their own.

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Wallstreet372109d ago

Article written by an uninformed, ignorant %:%: Go do your homework and stop fake concern trolling.

CRASHBASHUK2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

the games that are coming out this year most of them were shown in the pre-show like crash and knack 2 etc BUT i think most of the games showen in the pre-show should of been in the main show more

Jaypi032109d ago

Exactly, they shouldn't have even bothered with it.