Mark Cerny on the PS4 Pro and Future of Gaming

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new video showcasing PS4 and PS4 Pro system architect Mark Cerny as he talks about the future of the console and a bit about the outlook for gaming in general.

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LIGATURE2587d ago

Yeah,gaf shirt goofy 😂😂

Razzer2587d ago

You guys are so clever!


Ashlen2587d ago

I have a couple shirts like that made out of silk. Honestly they are super comfortable especially when it's hot outside. They are WAY lighter and more breathable than cotton.

Sam Fisher2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

shirt or not, i love this gay man. This guy is elton jon of gaming, when this man speaks, an orchestra plays. Hes great at what he does, and knows how to sell his products. Sony sprinkled glitter in the industry of consoles. And low and behold, made them 1st place this whole gen. This alone makes this man fabulous.

G20WLY2587d ago

I'm curious where you heard he's gay?

LIGATURE2587d ago

He does have that vibe and thats okay😂

WickedLester2586d ago

"This guy is Elton Jon of gaming." LMAO dude I lost it! Bwahahaha!!!

BigWan782587d ago

im not gonna knock the ps4 pro, i've had one since launch. the games do look good on it.

x1x is just a more powerful box and is SUPPOSE to run games better than any console on the market today... no need for anyone to get mad or triggered... it is what it is...

some time in the next 3-5yrs, im pretty sure this dance is gonna come up again, between whatever the next xbox and playstation arrival...

Gamble202587d ago

That’s the thing is it is sort of a silly argument to make from some xbox fans that the X1X is more powerful than the Pro. Everyone agrees with that. Maybe some disagreement on how much more, but we all agree it is more. The problem is you are comparing it to a system that came out a year ago and will probably be $150 cheaper by the time the 1X releases. That’s a pretty substantial price difference. And the Pro has far more exclusive games coming over the next year in addition to some of the exclusive third party content and an install base twice as large. The 1X should do very well in sales especially in upconverting current Xbox owners, but it’s not particularly threatening to Sony right now because of that price advantage and that fact that they can always bring out PS5 in 2019 or so to blunt momentum.

Sokol2587d ago

I highly doubt we will see another Xbox console for a at least 5 years.

PS5 will probably be creeping out in next 3 years. Somewhere around holiday season 2020

PFFT2587d ago

And to almost every other Sony fanboy as well. You are not alone. But who cares me personally its a day one purchase!

super_cuddles2587d ago

Microsoft are evil and Sony are saviour of man

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Game Pass Users Should Expect More Price Bumps in the Future, Says Analyst

Wccftech spoke with MIDiA Research games analyst Rhys Elliott about the recent Game Pass price increase. He believes there will be more of those in the future.

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3d ago
Jin_Sakai2d ago

Phil Spencer really bait and switched Xbox fans. Lol

Alexious2d ago

I mean, they couldn't possibly add all this stuff and keep the price the same

Tankbusta401d 23h ago

Its the way of all subscription services...the initial offering is an extremely good value because they are after capturing market share.. once any company gets enough people and ingrains their service into their subscribers they always increase prices

Einhander19721d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

They could have not bought all these publishers and still got the games.

Then not had to close 4 studios fire 5000 people from their gaming division or had to raise the price because they spent 70 bn for CoD.

How much does the price of game pass need to increase to cover all this development. Is it even possible to get the price high enough to cover the costs before it's unappealing to consumers anymore?

How many more studio closures and price increases need to happen before game pass becomes profitable or even breaks even?

Obscure_Observer1d 22h ago


"How many more studio closures and price increases need to happen before game pass becomes profitable or even breaks even?"

Gamepass subscribers aren´t worried about that. That´s a MS concern.

Let them worry about their money. As long as we continue to get our day one games I couldn´t give a damn.

Already paid for my two year Ultimate subscription plan before the new prices, so I´m good. :)

Einhander19721d 22h ago


Closing Arkane and Tango affected everyone who enjoyed their games, all the people who have lost their jobs were affected. I don't think many game pass subscribers are happy with how Microsoft handled those concerns.

You're not getting any more day one games from those studios and whatever studios get cut in the next round.

And the reaction shows that most game pass subscribers would disagree with you.

You better hope Microsoft doesn't have any more "changes" planned for the next two years...

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ChasterMies1d 22h ago

Xbox fans knew what they were getting. If you got the $1 uograde price for 3 years or Game Pass Ultimate, you probably got your money’s worth.

darthv722d ago

Im not a fan of price increases... but I dont mind paying more so long as nothing is taken away at the same time. I've had my share of subscriptions where the prices went up but they also removed some features. Those situations are what really grinds my gears.

VersusDMC1d 23h ago

So gamepass console that included day one games at 10$ a month being replaced with Gamepass standard at 15$ a month with included core but no more day ones must really grind your gears.