Konami Showing Off Metal Gear Survive At E3 2017

After much silence and talk, fans are ready to hear more about Konami's Metal Gear Survive. It looks like that day has come as Konami will be showing..

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2597d ago
FallenAngel19842597d ago

Not even if it were offered on PS+ would I be interested

What a miserable way to celebrate such an iconic franchise's 30th anniversary

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rockbottom30762597d ago

Um ok that escalated quick. Alternate realities, zombies, and more. Should be called Metal Gear COD.

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Ubisoft Not Worried About GTA 6: Other Games Out During GTA's Past Releases Do Really Well

Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot isn't worried about about GTA 6 and states that from their experience, games available during a GTA launch do well.

Hofstaderman1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Brave words.... GTA V has done well since 2013 to date. 11 years, Yves.

RiseNShine19m ago

Old man, now that it's even trendy, it's time to step down, Ubisoft is looking worse than ever.


Capcom Has No Plans To Discontinue Availability Of Games Via Physical Media

Capcom has announced that it has no plans to discontinue the availability of its games via physical media.

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shinoff21836h ago

Interesting. Then where the fk are the new moster hunter games , physically in north America. Hell I'd even import but the 2nd game is a digital code. What's up capcom?

QuantumMechanic1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Great news! I'd also like to see their PS VR2 experiences released on physical media.

ravens521h ago

👏🏽👏 27997;👏🏽㈇ 9;🏽. I will continue to purchase their games!

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Warner Bros. Games Officially Acquires the Developer of MultiVersus

IGN writes: "Warner Bros. Games has officially acquired Player First Games, adding the developer behind MultiVersus to its profile.

In an official release sent to IGN, Warner Bros. confirmed that co-founder Tony Huynh and Chris White will retain leadership of the studio, which has led development of the popular Smash Bros-like brawler. "