Sony Fails to Score an E3 Hattrick, But Still Brings the Best Games

Push Square: "And just like that, another slew of E3 press conferences have come and gone. Sony's own show ended just a couple of hours ago, but what did we think of it? As is tradition, we've got editors Sammy Barker and Robert Ramsey together in order to share their thoughts, both positive and negative, on the PlayStation maker's most recent event."

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Alexious2108d ago

Right on. Best games but few dates

Makish2108d ago

only game i wanted to play was days gone , everything else was sequels and remasters ,cgi trailer , and a spiderman game that looks like every other spidey game

Bladesfist2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Spiderman might be good. I will wait for reviews but the traversal looked like loads of fun. Cant say im excited for days gone at all. God of war was the best thing shown for me (I've played 1 and 2 but not 3 and the one after it so am interested in returning to it)

mikeslemonade2108d ago

lol Days Gone is clearly going to be a flop.

The SotC remake is all you need. Sony has impressed for 4 straight years.

ChiefofLoliPolice2108d ago

"Spiderman game that looks like every other Spidey game"....yeah sure ok...

Neonridr2108d ago

@mikeslemonade - so we should all just be excited about a re-release? Seems reasonable..

Ron_Danger2108d ago

I think a lot of people missed all of the announcements they made during the pre-show.

Makish2108d ago

the last 2 spiderman games had arkham like fighting and QTE , so yes it played like the past 2 spiderman games , but with updated graphics , theres only been 1 good spidey game in the past 10 years and it was spiderman : shattered dimension

bouzebbal2108d ago

Games were there.. Blockbusters as well !!!
No denying ps4 owners have invested in the right system !

darthv722108d ago

At least we know what to expect for the ps5. Remakes, remasters and reboots of games like horizon, days gone, last of us and especially last guardian.

Spiderman was cool and very inspired by batman arkham city. God of war looks nice too. Detroit is another interesting game too.

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The 10th Rider2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I sort of agree here.

Microsoft had Anthem and Metro, both of which were mind blowing, but multiplatform.

Sony had Spiderman and God of War, which are the best exclusives of E3 so far, I'd say.

It was great to see release dates for so many of the big games at Microsoft's conference. Disappointing to see almost none at Sony's.

I typed up all of the announcements of each conference as they were happening, and I've gotta say they were about equal. Microsoft showed much better multiplatform games and more games in general, but a lot of them were indies. Sony showed better exclusives and some new IPs, but the new IPs were all VR. Neither company brought out a single new AAA IP. Both relied heavily on what we already knew about. Neither company spent much time talking.

I'd say Sony had the edge if you're interested in VR, but Microsoft had the edge if you're interested in 4K gaming. Both played it pretty safe this year.

Doabarrelroll2108d ago

Clearly you didnt see the 2018 appear at the end of the games for everything except days gone.

joab7772108d ago

I guess , but the point is that these are the games that are coming soon. We get mad B/C they show us distant games, and they give us a straight hour of many of the industries most anticipated games, and we we want more lol!

No one impresses me.more than Sony right now! They are doing almost everything right!

The 10th Rider2108d ago

Well, we don't really know how soon. They barely showed solid release dates for anything. People were expecting Spiderman, Days Gone, Detroit Become Human, or God of War to hit this year . . . But at best a couple got release windows, and not even release windows this year.

thatguyhayat2108d ago

I was sliightly dissappointed with no new IP announcement but at atleast we have TGS and PSX to wait for now

FernDiggidy2107d ago

hopefully a sucker punch game as well! Would love an infamous second son sequel.

Bladesfist2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Ubisoft brought the best and most diverse set of games in my opinion.

Beyond good and evil 2s cinematic trailer and Mario rabbits got both me and the crowd more excited than anything at Sony's conference. Ubisoft also had more variety in their titles. Way too many cinematic movie games from Sony. It was nice to see open world, naval combat, tactics games.

As for cinematic movie games I'm more excited by the brother's developers' new title. I'm hoping the co-operative storytelling will be really new and fresh.

bigevil1x2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I was OK until I seen one of the assassins creed Editions for 800$... you think they would learn from for honor

Bladesfist2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

That doesn't really affect me in the slightest though. It's just a marketing tool. I just thought Mario rabbits and beyond good and evil had more charm and flare than most of what we saw at E3 this year. They seem like typical games focused entirely on gameplay. Although it is hard to tell with bge2, that's the feeling the trailer gave me.

Fishermenofwar2108d ago

I want Skull and Bones NOW!!!!

FITSniper2108d ago

Go play Black Flag then. Looked practically identical. Very little new there to me.

Discobastrd2108d ago

Not sure why youre getting down votes for this. I'd agree in terms of diversity. And STARLINK for Switch!? Loads of fun! I'm really hoping thats good.

I love a quality cinematic game as much as the next guy but I need diversity. So many apocalyptic games! Getting a bit drab. Detroit at least was more focused on the issues AI may bring in the near future! :)

Bladesfist2108d ago

Agreed. It looks like it's up to third parties and indie devs to push forward with innovating and fresh new experiences. Can't really blame the first parties for playing it safe. They have a smaller market by nature and need to be as mass appealing as possible to attract more new gamers to the platform.

BEASELY2108d ago

I think everyone was tired by the end of the day, though. That crowd looked exaughsted and had been cheering for games all day.

Bladesfist2108d ago

That's a good point. The conference was pretty late.

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Petebloodyonion2108d ago

The article sums up perfectly my feeling toward Sony this year.
Solid but not on the level of past conventions.

Relientk772108d ago

It was good, not great

Really wanted surprises, new game announcements, and JRPGs

Toiletsteak2108d ago

Shadow of the Colossus was a nice surprise.

itsmebryan2108d ago

How many times are they going to remake Shadow of the Colossus?

Nitrowolf22108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


Well this is the 1st time, the collection that came out was just an hd port.

Really isnt that much, and this IMO warrents itself as acceptable because its not just a port its a full overhaul

buttcheeks2108d ago

@itsmebryan uhhh once I guess because it would be the only REMAKE not remaster and its only been remastered once

RememberThe3572107d ago

Hopefully it'll get remade every damn console generation. If only Capcom would do the same for Okami.

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