Sony Disappoints at E3 2017 With a Lack of New Games

Sony didn't manage to keep up its momentum at E3 2017.

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2108d ago
BigBosss2108d ago

All I heard from this trashy article was blah blah blah

AspiringProGenji2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I agree with the criticism. The bar was set too high with all these games being new last year, and now we get official gameplays and release dates.

I say it was good. It could have been better if they Showed Sucked Punch's new Ip and other new ips as well, but it is what it is. If they showed TLoU 2 at PSX last year that early in development, then they can still show anything at next PSX.

Sony is still setting the example when it comes to 1st party content, so that is good. They are unbeatable in that regard as of now, and that is what will keep them moving forward

Lightning Mr Bubbles2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I don't think it was as good as the last 2 years, didn't have that big shocking surprise game announcement, although I thought Shadow of the Colossus remake was pretty damn special. Overall still a good showing, I did think Bloodborne 2 and The Last of Us 2 were kinda missing. That would of made it even better.

4Sh0w2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Straight up, both shows were weak, Sony's was a bit better imo just because they showed 2 exclusives (GOW and Spiderman) that I liked alot.

E3 ain't what it use to be, seems last few years its gotten worst, wtf happen to when all these companies knew e3 was the time to bring your A game?

UltraNova2108d ago

It was a pretty tame E3 showing by Sony but lets be real 2016 was impossible to top. They did what they needed to do, showcased their upcoming games and saved other stuff for PSX.

So far I would give MS a C+ and Sony a B.

fenome2108d ago

Yeah, E3 this year has been pretty lackluster in general. It was a good show, but still lacked some big new announcements.

OB1Biker2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Detroit not releasing this year and no Sucker Punch were disappointing IMO. Otherwise the main games we expected to see more of were mind blowing and mostly exceeding expectation. So it was a great conference IMO besides some technical problems.

Gazondaily2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I would give Sony a C+ and MS a C. It was close but Yeah, funny how both conferences had similar pitfalls.

Hmm...maybe a tie? I think MS' format wowed me more.

torchic2108d ago

why the hell did anyone think Bloodborne 2 was coming? there hasn't been a single rumor to suggest that game is in development.

From Software and Sony are working on something but apparently it's a new IP. people expecting Bloodborne 2 were just playing themselves

Miyazaki says he's done with Souls yet people still want to believe a new game is coming lmao

Indigon2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Sony has basically two shows: E3 and PSX. We've seen only half of it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I was actually expecting to see Deep Down, From Software, Sucker Punch, and some of the VR horror games that are supposedly in development. In that regard, I was disappointed, but Days Gone, God of War, and Spider-man gameplay more than made up for it. I suspect that Sony is saving a bunch of games for PlayStation Experience 2017.

nix2108d ago

this PSX should only about playing the demo. dividing titles to wow everyone is going to fall pretty hard.

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starchild2108d ago

I understand where people are coming from in some ways about it being disappointing, but overall I still really enjoyed Sony's conference. I agree that they should have had some new AAA exclusive announcement, but I have to say that most of the games they showed are all games I'm looking forward to and what they showed looked amazing.

I'm also pretty happy with the Shadow of the Colossus remake announcement, simply because I'm a big fan of that game and seeing it remade with today's graphical quality is awesome. Days Gone, Detroit, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Horizon The Frozen Wilds, God of War and Spiderman all had really great showings and I'm really looking forward to all of them. So, in that way the conference was still enjoyable to me.

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lelo2play2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Never though I would say this, but Microsoft actually had a better conference then Sony.

OB1Biker2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

No way. I honestly find the idea ridiculous
GOW, Days Gone, Spiderman, Detroit all fantastic demos confirming their qualities kill anything from Ms conference. It's not the 'launch' exclusives or weak crackdown gameplay showing that can come any closer.

I think maybe when people are disappointed while they expect to see Bloodborne 2 and SP and TLOU II and God knows what then they are sort of frustrated but the show was still great

Ceaser98573612108d ago

how come MS had a better show?? Bunch of indies and few of them will make it to ps4... hardly any exclusive apart from the yearly forza... and few third party deals...
Sony had almost all the exclusives and most of them are system seller... Xbox X was the saving grace of MS press briefing .. Sony showed games after games... Imo Sony wasn't spectacular but was better than MS..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2108d ago

Both shows were weak. The only thing that redeemed Sony's show was gameplay from God of War, Days Gone, and Spider-man. Microsoft's show wasn't shining through either, especially when they decided to present timed exclusives as "Console Launch Exclusives." The Xbox One X was the only bright spot and the show slowly went downhill after that.

seanpitt232108d ago

No one had a better conference than the other, they was all S#%T absolute garbage, really poor E3 if it continues like this my excitement levels for this event will be zero.

EA - underwhelming bit boring couldn't even hype me up for SWBF 2

Bethesda - let's not even go there what a joke that was

Microsoft - brought the impressive hardware but absolutely had jack s^ite software exclusive for you want to by it just forza 3107 and crackdown that's not even a AAA game looked to of been downgraded. State of deadly 2 looked good but that's not a AAA game the animations was way off you can tell it's not even close as on the same level has days gone.

Ubisoft - probably the best of the bad bunch and this is coming from a game developer who has released average games at best for the past 5 years, far cry 5 looked good and different not a copy and paste job.

Sony - They have the exclusives but they showed all the same big games from last year, why even bother absolutely nothing new not even a release date for days gone is this so they can show it of at E3 2018 again. Spider-Man looked good but it's way off so is God of war. Nothing to play this year really poor

Inzo2108d ago

Thats a bit of a stretch.

Liqu1d2108d ago

No they didn't. Too much talking and they tried to mislead viewers with their "console launch exclusives". Sony's showing was safe and they're still keeping projects a secret but they showed game after game with no fluff in between, it was just better than what MS showed and actually gave reasons why you should own a PS4.

Ubisoft was arguably the best conference.

TheGamingArt2108d ago

How? I can't remotely see how this is true when comparing what was shown.

81BX2108d ago

Agreed, and I'm a bigger MS fan. Last year Sony topped MS's presser. This year was a role reversle.

IamTylerDurden12108d ago

Oh god no. Are you kidding?

At least compare the big game demos from both companies. Sony's big 3 exclusive demos absolutely decimated xbox's. God of War, Days Gone, and Spiderman were spectacular showings while Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay 2 were not good at all. Forza was impressive, but those 3 other "big game" showings from Microsoft were very disappointing. Did u see the Spiderman and GoW demo? Microsoft didn't have anything like that.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - was a huge announcement that we hadn't known about previously other than a leaked trademark the day of.

Skyrim VR - is massive. Ppl were hyped over Skyrim on the Switch, but on PS4/PSVR we actually get to be in the game. It is the entire game plus all the expansions and it's coming to PSVR this year.

Undertale PS4 & Vita - is pretty awesome news.

Matterfall - August 15th, it looks awesome.

Horizon Expansion Frozen Wilds - coming this year looks great.

MOSS - looks awesome along with a bunch of new PSVR games. DOOM VR also coming this year.

kingmushroom2108d ago

lol no they did not by a log shot. Reveals a powerful 4k console and shows 2d games or cartoonish games pfff
yeah Minecraft 4k won e3 then lol

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hulk_bash19872108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Sony had a solid showing, no new IPs or sequel announcements was a little disappointing. But what was shown was amazing. Uncharted LO, SotC Remake, God of War, Days Gone, Detroit BH, and Spiderman, all had amazing demos and got me hyped up for 2018. Maybe well see more at the other upcoming trade shows or PSX, but im happy with what I saw at the Sony conference. B+

jrshankill2108d ago

Anyone who thought Sony's E3 conference was good is a blind fanboy. Nothing revolutionary. But yay for QTE spiderman!!

hulk_bash19872108d ago

The irony is strong with you.

OB1Biker2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Anyone who thinks different than me is a fanatic kinda logic huh?

Inzo2108d ago

And yet you think MS had a good showing? It must be tough know that GOW looks better on a standard PS4 than anything shown at the MS conference.

ForeverTheGoat2108d ago

Exactly. This is why they had a bad show. Sony's fanboys eat up anything they do which allowed Sony to get lazy. Sales went to their head.

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Seraphim2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

the thing people forget is that we often have off years in gaming. Despite the PS4 having so much to offer throughout the entire year this is one of those Off years for the most part. While it was somewhat disappointing not seeing anything new the Industry has been shifting to show more of what's to come soon rather than what's to come but who knows when. Overall I think it was an excellent and strong showing with a lot of games that I'm still looking a great deal forward to playing. However, I do admit it was a bit sad not seeing anything new. Though if all these games are releasing between Fall and next E3 w/ next years E3 doing the same and delivering, I can't complain. And let's not forget, Sony has plenty going on for PS4 gamers and their showcase by far trumped anything else shown.

MegamanXXX2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

They say lack of games but they have more games than the competitor 😁😂😂 heck they release way more games than the competitor this year

andibandit2108d ago

Right, Sony sucked less than the competitors, but still sucked...not really sure why that would bring on the smiley faces.

moegooner882108d ago

It is Craveonline. You only have yourself to blame, if you take them seriously, after the crap they continuously post.

oasdada2108d ago

I don't get the bashing.. sony showed alot of games and 1st party titles.. what did MS do? showed us like 3 exclusives with crackdown 3 dissapointing with its downgraded visuals and lack of physics? and what about the mixed messaging of Exclusivity MS casually tossed out every other second? TBH MS mostly showed a bunch of indies and nothing that convinced me i needed an xbox x or even an Xbox for that matter.. and here people are bashing sony wow!

MattE2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Spiderman​ looked great apart from the QTE boss.. the rest was pretty underwhelming so I agree..

Looked like 0 effort went into putting the show together to be honest

2108d ago
Imalwaysright2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I was disappointed with Spiderman and it was one of the games I wanted to see the most. Too much hand holding and way too many QTE's. Hopefully is just that mission and the game opens up and so that I can actually play it.

On the other hand Monster Hunter looked bloody amazing and was the stand out game for me.

ForeverTheGoat2108d ago

lol it's only a trash article cause they not praising Sony. Their e3 was trash.

Makish2108d ago

sony showed

GOW 7th game

UC 5th game

remastered of a 12th year old game

days gone look good

spiderman looks like every other SP game , its not a AAA title

detroit was just a cgi trailer

and you guys are giving it a B+ , stop with your homer glasses

i own a ps4 and microsofts conference was better

hulk_bash19872108d ago

Ya'll are etitled to your opinions just like I am to mine. Their conference was a B+ to me, but its fine if it wasn't for you. Thats the beauty of choice and preference.

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Gardenia2108d ago

The games were good but most nothing new. I was really hoping for Bloodborne 2. Hopefully they saved this for TGS but I doubt it

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ninsigma2108d ago

Yeah I think that's what brought it down. It was mainly stuff we'd already seen/knew was coming but still got now sold release dates.

Having said that, those gameplay showings were just damn awesome. Loved it everything I saw from uncharted, horizon, GOW, days gone, detroit and Spiderman. Just really good stuff there to be excited about.

darthv722108d ago

I said it in the initial expectation thread. We would get longer teasers than last year, and we did.

freshslicepizza2108d ago

Well it finally caught up to Sony who show games far too early, now it looks like they heard the feedback and are just showing games coming soon. Same with Microsoft but Sony has more stuff to show. I have a feeling Nintendo isn't going to show much in the way of new things either.

SpaceRanger2108d ago

"Well it finally caught up to Sony who show games far too early..."

We're all aware Moldy that MS release games much earlier and are more likely to delay or cancel them. Don't know why you're including false facts.

Their show was too notch with plenty of content.

freshslicepizza2108d ago

"We're all aware Moldy that MS release games much earlier and are more likely to delay or cancel them. Don't know why you're including false facts."

So then it's not true Sony shows games very early and years away from release? I also said Microsoft is guilty of the practice too.

"Their show was too notch with plenty of content."

I must have watched a different show than you, they showed nothing much in the way of new games and it was only 60 minutes long and that includes PSVR titles. But I guess it would be top notch if you were already going into E3 knowing Sony would win no matter what.

Hardiman2108d ago

I'll take em as they do come to fruition. Horizon is a great case in point as it was well worth the wait!

Doomeduk2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Sony's was 60 mins long plus add say an hour the previous night with xboxx....or whatever its called ,with all its multiplats so sony's about 2 hrs long in reality.
There I fixed it for you molders

Lilrizky2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I don't think that particularly matters in this case because we know what we are getting from Sony. Despite showing off Horizon 2 years early, it came and people loved it. Persona 5, Ni-Oh and The Last Guardian were even longer. way longer. now they're out people don't really care.

It's just that Sony keeps giving us games whilst also teasing and showing the future.

We know what's coming out for the rest of the year. crash remastered, hellblade, pyre, matterfall, nex machina, knack 2, uncharted lost legacy*, ni no kuni 2 and dragon quest XI. we don't need to see them again.

All I know is, as good as the first half of this year has been, Sony is going to have an even bigger one next year, if Detroit, Gran Turismo, Days Gone, God of War and Spiderman all hit.

Inzo2108d ago

You do know Sony still has games to release this year right? Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, days gone, Spiderman, GOW, SOTC remake, Detroit etc all releasing in the next 4 to 8 months. Show games too early? Sorry bud but Sony's timing is perfect.

2108d ago
Makish2108d ago

sony showed

GOW 7th game

UC 5th game

remastered of a 12th year old game

days gone look good

spiderman looks like every other SP game , its not a AAA title

detroit was just a cgi trailer

and you guys are giving it a B+ , stop with your homer glasses

uth112108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Its an industry wide problem. If they reduce the time between announce and release to 14-16 months or less, it wouldn't be a bad thing

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never4get2108d ago

#Greatness Awaits #JRPG #PS5

UCForce2108d ago

Well, it's good in my opinion, but it didn't have WOW factor like E3 2015 and E3 2016.

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UCForce2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

True, but I'm still happy that 2017 going to have a lot of games for PS4 owners. Well, I can't wait for Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wild, The Lost Legacy and other games. I think Sony still have their PSX in December.

Ceaser98573612108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Also Sony is not a fool to release system seller like Spidey, GOW around oct nov when there are so many third party games during that period... Last time i remember an amazing game called ROTR got slaughter when it got a Nov release...
Also didnt need to show so many games becoz they have PSX which is Sony's sponsored and they gonna show LOU2, DS and hopefully SP and Form software's new game

Dirtnapstor2108d ago

Yes. Wasn't blown away like the previous years, but I still think Sony had the better bag of goodies. Was expecting them close the show with something mind numbing. :( Guess we have to wait for PSX in December.

Asuka2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

It was pretty weak this year in comparison to the past. There was next to no surprises beside Monster Hunter, a multiplat title. It was basically games we saw last year, and/or games coming out in 2018. Plus there were no guest appearances that i can recall. I mean i like all the trailers but the lack of having an on stage appearance made the conference feel kinda hallow and lacking in personality.

it wasn't bad. But it wasn't good either. it was just "ok" imo. But everyone has different opinion and that's just my 2 cents

DFresh2108d ago

No one watches a conference for personality. We watch game conferences for games.

TimelessDbz2108d ago

No speak for yourself . Most of other who grew up watching e3 on g4tv know that a press conference is about talking to your audience and telling us what you have in plan for the brand.

Not a trailer playlist. Waste of time and waste of money for Sony to rent out a theater . Could had went nintendo direct format then.