Insomniac Games' PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Shows its Amazing Gameplay at E3 2017; Coming 2018

Insomniac Games fully unveils the gameplay of its spectacular Spider-Man game.

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BiggerBoss2113d ago

Freaking sick. Now that's an exclusive.

Erik73572113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I liked the button prompts and using environment to kill enemy's in a obvious scripted way it did look really fun.
The combat showed surprising depth too with just Spidey kicks and spider web stuff?

They totally aren't making a crappy game using a already made universe to cover that up...

IF you were to make a list of worst games shown at that conference ( or in a fan boy viewpoint, least good game and excluding the VR stuff) you would put that Spider-Man game near the bottom or that Detroit too human game or whatever its called

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Lovable2113d ago


Both Microsoft and Sony's conference are pretty underwhelming this year. In my book, they have the same score...

tyasia02113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )


I agree with 50% of what you said. I'll let you guess which part while I re-watch the God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman, Detroit and Shadow of the Colossus trailers.

Snookies122112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

@Erik7357 - Wow man... Troll harder why don't you? This game looks like the best Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2. There's plenty of combat in this that looks extremely varied and smoothly animated. Yet you complain about some QTE's in cutscenes? Really?

Ben Dover2112d ago


You mad? You seem angry the Switch is currently collecting dust with 0 game announcements in place. Try running Spider-Man on the Switch.. it would explode before it even reaches the title menu.

MVGeneral2112d ago

Erik7357 is mad salty the Nintendo Switch has watered down games and no new announcements lol.

bouzebbal2112d ago

Honestly, my most anticipated game of next year

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GottaBjimmyb2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Man, that reveal alone blew away every other conference combined IMO, but man, if all those 2018 games stay in 2018, I can say definitively, 2018 will be the best year of gaming I can remember, and all the best games WILL be on PS4. It is geniunely concerning how much better Sony's lineup has become than MS at this point.

Dark_Knightmare22113d ago

Right especially since 2017 has been absolutely amazing for Sony so far with crash,gt sport,Uc lost legacy and a massively improved knack 2 still to release

DVAcme2112d ago

@Dark_Knightmare2 Right on the money, bro. Many people (admittedly myself included) were underwhelmed by Sony's conference this year when compared to previous years, but there is such a huge volume of amazing exclusives coming out currently that looking to the future releases is not uncalled for. And honestly, many of those are 1st quarter 2018, which is CLOSE. I mean, hell, we're already halfway through 2017. I dunno about you guys, but this year has breezed by for me, especially since I'm playing games like Yakuza Zero and Persona 5 :)

Destiny10802113d ago

This looks _______ amazing

trooper_2113d ago

I was blown away by that HOLY CRAP.

XanderZane2112d ago

Blown away by how the game looks, the graphics, sound and voice acting were all stellar. Not blown away by the gameplay, because it all seems premeditated. Sure, there are multiple ways to defeat the bad guys, but all you do is push the right button and action just plays out. There just a bunch of timing skills from what I've seen. It's possible there are some areas where there aren't any premeditated QTE events, but I didn't see any in the trailer. Even swing, you get options as to which build you want to swing to with (L1) or (R1). Almost like a Quantic Dream game.

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Erik73572113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

There were better exclusives shown at Sony's conference honestly.
I think this game just has its universe going for it. I hated those inter active cutscenes and it didn't look that fun to play. The coolest things shown in that game were all in a cut scene

Days gone and god of war and the shadow of colossus remake are the bread winners if you know what's good. Disagree fine but don't tell me you think its gonna be better than those other games lol...

OB1Biker2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Why would you compare this to the other games you mentioned? All three GOW, DaysGone and Spidey blew me away. If your not into Spiderman games it's fine but I think the gameplay looks fantastic. Maybe you don't realise how it plays and think you sort of put the controller down watching it unfold for you?

Erik73572113d ago

So spiderman blew you away more than those? Or did they equally blow you away? Lol

That is some fanboyish mind breaking right there, you cant get em to admit it but it doesnt look great.

Dragonscale2112d ago

@Erik. This one game blows ms complete show out the water.

medman2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Your book sucks.

P.S. SpiderMan was awesome, but God of War really did it for, epicness awaits!!

Aenea2112d ago

I laughed when he said that! 😂

jaymacx2112d ago

As a long time fan of Spider-Man , I cried tears of joy seeing this game. Spidey has never looked better!

jrshankill2112d ago

It was ok. It was the best thing sony showed... which means the bar is so low.

This was an awful e3.

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KingKionic 2113d ago

This right here...was heavily scripted... BUT FREAKING AWESOME.

And this marks the first spiderman game to my knowledge.. with MISTER NEGATIVE.


THamm2113d ago

It was heavily scripted, yet in a good way, like a Platinum game

Swiftfox2113d ago

I'll never understand this. How is heavily scripted in a good way like a Platinum game a good thing? I mean their cutscenes remind me of a bully big brother taking away the controller "Sorry little sibling, you're way too lame for this part. I'll give it back once I'm done being a bad ass. You are SO not as cool as me." I wanna BE Spiderman! I don't want the developers holding my hand "Wow! Wasn't that cool?! Bet you wish you could do that."

Omnislashver362113d ago


That is literally the dumbest thing I've heard all day.

"Wow! Wasn't that cool?! Bet you wish you could do that."

Seriously? Bet you wish you could do that? I'm sure all of us are secretly Space Marines, WWII soldiers, Witchers, Vampires, dystopian world survivors, Zombie clearers, and underground racers.

Wait, we're not? Developers create games so we can play what we cannot do you dolt.

GTgamer2112d ago

@swiftfox okay you explain to me how they hell would they make those scenes into gameplay ill wait

MagicBeanz2113d ago

Not as scripted as you think. But you're right it does look awesome!

Swiftfox2113d ago

Yes, it definitely was scripted as much as people think it was. All stage demonstrations are highly rehearsed and played by someone who knows the demo inside and out. It's all done to create buzz and really flaunt the game--every publisher does it at E3.

There was a very heavy blend of Batman Arkham combat with Uncharted over-the-top set pieces progressed through the use of quick time events. I'm sure the quick-time events will be limited to those large set pieces, and several of the story mission will most likely follow the same sort of action/cut scene/action/set piece/cut scene/set piece formula. Most people won't care as long as the web swinging through the city is fun.

Just call it what it is: A game play showcase designed to generate buzz using a heavily scripted set piece.

Deep-throat2113d ago

It's the QTEs that annoyed me. Not to mention the game is trying to be Batman Arkham!

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Shinkus2113d ago

Is this the new thing? If a game has a super hero and good combat it's now trying to be Batman Arkham?

Gaming_Cousin2113d ago

Deep Xbox fanboy is annoyed

BiggerBoss2113d ago

Check out Spider-Man 2 for ps2. This isn't too far off from that.

KwietStorm_BLM2113d ago

Yea because the Arkham series isn't the best superhero videogames ever made. Why do the same people login every single day just to try? How does it not get boring?

BeOpenMinded2113d ago

To be fair qte's are a bit overplayed and a cop out... but certainly worth a buy If done right. As long as they capture the atmosphere and feel of the comic books I'm excited. I have faith in insomniac but sunset was underwhelming for me, was too easy with handholding. Here's to hoping it exceeds expectations.

nicsaysdie2112d ago

Seriously? Arkham made you feel like batman in every way, especially the combat. It was amazing. The first time I fought a group of thugs I was like "holy fuck! I'm batman (in a gravelly whisper voice)". This game looks to feel like spiderman, and that is something spectacular. See what I did there? Would've worked with amazing too.

Liqu1d2112d ago

Explain how trying to be like the best superhero franchise?

EatCrow2112d ago

Not at all actually.
This is insomniac. The actual combat is not as rigid

DVAcme2112d ago

@EatCrow This is a point that everyone should take notice of, IT'S INSOMNIAC. We're talking about a studio that has a hell of a proven record handling a hot franchise. Personally, I consider Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch as Sony's Big Three of 1st/2nd party games.

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Kribwalker2113d ago

This fighting style I nstantly reminded me of

But obviously with Spider-Man powers

DVAcme2112d ago

@Swiftfox: This was obviously a setpiece part of the game, which was shown to us because it revealed two of the villains and showcased the game's stealth, combat and swinging mechanics wrapped in one neat bow. The main game will be more open and varied.

I didn't see anyone complaining of stuff like this with the Arkham games. Those have scripted events amidst open-world gameplay too, and I heard no-one complain.

2112d ago
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Vegamyster2113d ago

Love the visual design & cutscene transitions, I'm curious to see how the open world works if it's like Batman or not ect.

The 10th Rider2113d ago

Yeah, this is largely how cutscene transitions should be in a game like this. It's in stark contrast the transitions that EA had during their Need for Speed Payback demo. I wanted to gouge my eyes out they were so bad.

ninsigma2113d ago

Yeah they were super annoying!

The 10th Rider2113d ago


Especially in a racing game, where you generally want things to be smooth and slick. Instead it was disjointing and utterly killed any immersion the viewer may of had.

I was still slightly turned off by the amount of quicktime events in Spiderman, but the game looked so slick and silky smooth that they blended in with the gameplay perfectly. In Spiderman, at worst they might end up being a minor annoyance to me, in Need for Speed they looked to be annoying enough to ruin enjoyment of the game. Insomniac clearly knows what they're doing.

DigitalRaptor2113d ago


This game is going to be lit. 🔥🔥

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