Screenshots Of MAG Survey

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Thanks to one of our readers, Muggle_rilla, we now have screenshots of the MAG survey. There are only 2 here but they show some of the pricing plans Candid Anthony was talking about. If MAG is anything close to Planetside, I'll gladly pay for it. That's just my .02. The plot thickens…"

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NegativeCreepWA3671d ago

I still dont think this is real.

Silogon3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

So what? So Sony is wanting to actually make some money on one of their products, who gives a squirt of P*$$!!!? Counltess, and I mean COUNTLESS PC games make you pay to play them. EA is repositioning their sports line up and their games as we speak for 2010's releases of NFL,NBA,FIFA,NHL and their GOLF for "GASP" paid online services. Meaning, you buy a disc and then pay a monthly fee to play it until next year.

This is how it is going to be. This is not news. This is not earth shattering and this doesn't mean jack $#*T to anyone who was going to buy MAG to begin with. MAG only appealed to online gamers anyways. Now, don't you think online gamers are well aware of the fact they actually do charge for online gaming a lot of times?

Wake the pluck up!!! This isn't news!!!! Now shut up, this is the 2nd time you idiots have posted this story for hits.

Edit: Disagree all you guys want... I'm right. This "BITBAG" site is a joke, the guy who runs it is a hack and this isn't news. This is speculation. No one has said the game will cost money; these dong bangers are assuming they will and stiring a hype pot.

As for why it should cost money or why it will cost money... EA, Activision and many others are activly showing interest in hosting their own servers inside MAG. That means, they will need money for them. Want another reason?? Cause online gaming isn't cheap or free. someone is paying for you all to play on the PSN. you just don't feel it or know it. Microsoft charges 50 bucks a year from some 15 million registered xbox 360 owners. What's Sony getting? Oh, yeah... a bunch of cheap ass, broke gamers who refuse to buy games and expansions, let alone pay for online services. PS3 owners are so cheap they want Sony to include a headset. ahahhahaha! Classic.

See, Microsoft gets away with it cause they get paid 50 bucks for everyone of those users using their headsets. catch 22.

gambare3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I didn't bother in read your wall-o-text but I bet is some kind of flaming against Sony.

One thing I could tell you: Grab a magnifier glass, it' not about MAG, it's something else. Why? there is no "MAG" in those "surveys"

edit: love phantom disagrees, just tell me if I'm wrong, don't PM me, put it here, so everybody will see it and judge if it's true

Dino3671d ago

It's not news. Who cares if you have to pay to play? when it costs money to maintain servers for a smooth game play experience, I'm in. If it sucks or costs too much,then I wont pay. I have a feeling it's mostly younger people with no jobs or low paying jobs who choose to complain about "paying to play". By no means do I mean that as an insult, I've been there. But instead of complaining about it, I just came to terms that I couldn't afford it and let it be.....let it be.

Bnet3433671d ago

First of all it's not $50 a year, some people get cards cheaper online others pay a monthly fee of $7.99. The difference is that Sony charges you to play one game, Microsoft doesn't. I really hope MAG isn't pay-to-play, I'm really looking forward to it.

gambare3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

hard to tell right now

JD_Shadow3671d ago

It's obvious that you DIDN'T read his comment because if you did, you would realize that he was slamming MS there, not Sony, and he was slamming the Bluffbag there, as well.

Just thought I should tell you.

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DavidMacDougall3671d ago

If this game comes out and parts of the game are takin out like MGO and the gene expansion (No reward points for poor people) pack im not getting it

What do they need money for now anyways? Is it the 250 players servers ?

Blakzhuk3671d ago

Wow and I thought this was fake.

Ac3theone3671d ago

i really dont think this is real

CandidAnthony3671d ago

It's real. The survey is real.

Nintendo Rep3671d ago

As real as the 360 RROD and how shítty the PS3 is. HAHAHAHAHA wouldn't touch any of them with a long stick.

gambare3671d ago

you sound like your last date

Nintendo Rep3671d ago

True that, that bítch had some herpes or some shít when she took off her clothes. It's not my fault that the woman I meet at bars have sexually transmitted infections. :(

GiantEnemyLobster3671d ago

Since Zipper is making this game, its an automatic flop. Just go ahead and release it now Zipper.. doesn't matter if you release it half-done or 100% done, it will suck either way.


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