E3 2017: Sony Live Press Conference - 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST

Tune in to Sony's Live E3 Conference stream. Will the orchestra return? Will they invite Cirque du Soleil? Will Mark Cerny give us all the details on Knack 2?

Sony will start with a live pre-show event at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST.

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Gaming_Cousin2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Ladies and gentleman. The one company that caters to their gamers.

Skull5212108d ago

Good, I needed something to put me to sleep.

Sunny_D2108d ago


You must be confused with Microsoft.

darthv722108d ago

SotC.... well their stance on bc seems rather clear.

Christopher2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Disappointing overall, for me. Again, no major reveal at all.

SotC after the recent comments doesn't come off looking 'right'.

freshslicepizza2108d ago

Did I miss something, it was only an hour long. Call of Duty looked really good as did Spiderman and God of War but everything else was ok.

joab7772108d ago

They do also. But Sony is murdering it this gen!

Elwenil2108d ago

I have to say I am not terribly impressed with Sony this year. A lot of what was shown we already knew about or is old stuff made new(ish). I do like the idea of Skyrim VR, but I'm not paying that much to play one game, especially one I have on two other systems already.

I really hate to say it, but I think Ubi has had the best conference so far.

Christopher2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

You didn't miss anything moldy. It was a lot of the usual and expected. The games we know look good continued to look good, not real big news items, though. An E3 conference burdened by announcing the same things last year and not having anything new ready to show.

It was definitely much shorter than last year.

freshslicepizza2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

"You didn't miss anything moldy. It was a lot of the usual and expected. The games we know look good continued to look good, not real big news items, though. An E3 conference burdened by announcing the same things last year and not having anything new ready to show."

Days Gone looked fantastic last year but ho hum now. Maybe it's just me but I am getting tired of the third person hold your hand gamestyle where you have all the button icons on screen to show you what to do. Games have become far too cinematic with less skill in the form of gameplay now (Assassins Creed and Shadow of War are other examples). Then to make matters worse QTE to add that amazing suspense! Detroit is still wrapped up in David Cage's ideas of storytelling gameplay, looks good visually but gameplay lacking. Dreams looks to be renamed to development Nightmare. PSVR still testing the waters while they dabble in a little bit of support here and there, nice to see Skyrim getting VR support.

Both Spiderman and God of War looked very good, those are the big titles that people love to see at these big events.

"It was definitely much shorter than last year."

It really came across as a Nintendo Direct style of E3. I guess all those years of showing these great games years away from release have finally caught up to Sony. Now they are just showing games that are much further along in development. It's almost as though they want to surpise us next year with a PS5 announcement.

What I do find funny is Sony telling people old games are really not that interesting while they continue to repackage games like Shadow of the Col.losus to resell once again.

Skull5212108d ago

definitely was a snoozer. same ol' sony chock-full of gimmicks and quick time events. God of War actually looked good though so maybe I'll keep my PS4 until I've had a chance to play it. After that though it's Xbox One X from here on out, I'll likely wait for PS5 Pro before I come back to PlayStation.

bloop2108d ago

Underwhelming E3 overall.

UnHoly_One2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I'm with you Moldy.

Seems like since Uncharted and especially TLOU, Sony just wants to make slow paced games that are all emotional and are basically 75% movie.

Some people love that but not me. Days Gone looks exactly like TLOU to me, and I hated that game.

God of War practically looks like it, too. I want Kratos screaming about revenge and ripping off heads, not calmly walking around having heartfelt conversations with a brat kid. That game literally pisses me off.

I'm just sick of games that would rather be movies. I don't want to watch, I want to play.

This is the worst E3 I can remember since I started really following it closely.

C-H-E-F2108d ago

nope, because they didn't give me PS4 Pro support, that's not catering to me what so ever.

S2Killinit2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I didnt like the lack of suprises. But they did have a much better E3 than Microsoft. The lack of must have games on xbox is real. They basically filled their line up with timed exclusives and multiplats.

Ps: God of War blew me away, and of course i cant wait for Days Gone.

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LackTrue4K2108d ago

My wallet

joab7772108d ago

And time. Finally I can afford it all, bit have no time to play lol! Just started Nioh!

AspiringProGenji2108d ago

Yes sir!
Bring on the tsunami of games

Nintendo4Lifex2108d ago ShowReplies(2)
power of Black2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

And port beggars will appear like a zombie outbreak.

Ilikethemall852108d ago

I'm not trying to sound like a fanboy, but seriously how does sony cater to their fans?
They want allow you cross play, deny you back compat, denied you EA access and gave you nothing but indies for 2 years. not mention their version of xbox pass makes you re buy games you already own. Look, I was once a foolish fan boy, but have grown out of that crap. It's crazy to deny your self entertainment because you are loyal to a company that has no idea you are on the same planet as them. I can be honest and say microsoft drop the ball with this E3 confrence, but when it comes to a company that has given their fans what they want, lately Microsoft has been the top dog.

power of Black2108d ago

Indies for 2 years? Hmm, Persona 5, Yakuza and HZD would like to have a word with you.

fenome2108d ago

Sounds like you're just bent because M$ wants you to spend $500 for a bunch of timed exclusive Indy games, but they're in 4K though, so it's cool.

andibandit2108d ago

I agree on some points but..."nothing but indies for 2 years", seriously?

TXIDarkAvenger2108d ago

Sony provided me with a good nap this E3.

Dark_Knightmare22108d ago

Too bad their e3 was the second best after Ubisoft so far. Days gone looks absolutely amazing, Spider-Man looks great, gow is omg level,Uc lost legacy is a soon to be masterpiece and shadow of the colossus remake is huge for fans

Knockknock2108d ago

Boring demo, looked like spiderman arkham knight, too many QTEs.

PistolsAtDawn2108d ago

WOW...this comment backfired hard

LastCenturyRob2108d ago

Caters to their gamers? So, yo are talking about Nintendo.

Jaypi032108d ago

All this cockiness and the press conference wasn't even that good. Literally one presenter, a bunch of trailers and scripted gameplay being shown, and nothing special announced for PS4 gamers, and he didn't even say goodbye?

2108d ago
Amongunz2108d ago

In 2018.. hopefully maybe. Sony dumped all of their games on the front end of this year to give the perception they could do this all year. Clearly that cant . Who knows what will be delayed for 2018. And the last of us 2. Where was it? Probably waiting for ps5. It was a very uninspired presentation.and thats just the truth.

2107d ago
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FarEastOrient2108d ago

Sitting down in theater waiting for it to start @[email protected]

Gaming_Cousin2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Fart and blame the guy next to you. I wish I was in theater

starchild2108d ago

You lucky s.o.b. I wish I was there. Only 7 hour drive from there, but yet still so far away. Oh well, at least I can watch the conferences online. Let's see what Sony's got! I'm ready to be impressed.

fenome2108d ago

Jealous!! I watched it on my big screen in my bedroom drinking beer though :p

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DarXyde2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Got home late, but I got around to watching. The show didn't really do much for me. They showed some great games and elaborated on Days Gone, which is a huge plus... but it didn't convince me to get anything I wasn't already planning to. I have no interest in Pro, but a price drop might have really enticed me. Felt like a wasted opportunity, especially with One X being revealed a day prior. Biggest surprise for me was Shadow of the Colossus. I was super excited but honestly, I already bought the game twice. Triple dipping is a bit much. I'd like to see some real additions to the game before I decide but for now, I'm not convinced. Spider-Man is shaping up beautifully, so that's awesome. Looks like Marvel might have their answer to the Arkham games. Was really sad to not see Sucker Punch or The Last of Us, part II, but Naughty Dog still showed up and did great with The Lost Legacy.

All things considered, I keep my expectations low always. It decreases my chances of disappointment. That said, they had a great show, but it left me disappointed in the sense that I had nothing really new to look forward to. I knew about God of War, Days Gone, Spider-Man, etc. Was hoping to see something pretty left field.

Actually, there was Monster Hunter World which looks pretty rad. That'll be worth waiting for. Make no mistake: there are absolutely games coming. They showed off some great titles. But I cherish E3 because I get to learn about games I didn't know existed. This year, only Shadow and Monster Hunter really got me, but one of them is a tentative nay right now, despite being a Bluepoint remake of my second favorite PS2 game.

But seriously, where is Sucker Punch? What about Michael Ancel's WiLD? Deep Down? No From Software? Update on FF7? Shenmue III, which got our money for via crowd funding? Feels like they pulled their punches, but we did get to see Detroit, which has been enigmatic for a while.

For the record, I'm aware I've known about some of those for a while but giving them a presence would've been very welcome over things like FFXV VR.

Overall, I found it to be the more enjoyable show so far, but now I'm really interested in what Nintendo might announce. I shouldn't complain about Sony though since most of the types of games I like (JRPGs and niche titles) are likely to be saved for TGS and PSX. Here's hoping for another Gravity Rush or Persona 5 add-on and big updates on Ni No Kuni II and FF7 announcement.

fenome2108d ago

Yup, you pretty much just summed it up perfectly. I mean it was a good show considering how lackluster this E3 has been but I was really looking forward to some announcements that weren't there. It just seemed like they were playing it safe. I'm really curious about what Sucker Punch is doing, but mainly the one thing I was hoping for the most was to see From Software pop up on the screen.

E3 only comes around once a year so maybe I was expecting too much, especially now that Sony does the PSX too, but still. Anthem is the best looking new reveal for me out of this E3, can't wait to see more on that. All the trailers for Days Gone, Uncharted DLC and God of War were really good, not knocking them at all, I just already knew they were coming. I never played the remaster for Shadow of the Colossus, so I'll definitely be picking up the remake, and it was cool to see a Monster Hunter game back on a PlayStation console again, I haven't played one of those since the very first one.

Tussin1872108d ago

Been on a media blackout for the past 2 weeks. Can't wait but I'm keeping my expectations in check. After what I saw yesterday, I'm hoping this is much better. Two more hours...


Gazondaily2108d ago

Definitely didn't match the hype.

freshslicepizza2108d ago

No it didn't, so far E3 has been a major disappoinment.

SpaceRanger2108d ago

How did it not?
Almost purely exclusive games. Not enough talking on stage for you I'm guessing?

freshslicepizza2108d ago

"How did it not?"

Tell me then, what was so exciting?

"Almost purely exclusive games. Not enough talking on stage for you I'm guessing?"

Spiderman looked great as did God of War but not enough new stuff and Days Gone was underwhelming which is a shame because last year it was one of the best games shown. Now it's just another third person open world game on par with what Ubisoft is doing. PSVR is still underwhelming and at roughly 60 minutes it just felt like an extended Nintendo Direct. Where is Dreams, what is Sucker Punch doing? But of course you came into this E3 knowing Sony was going to win regardless so I am wasting my breath here.

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Harkins17212108d ago

Haven't shown anything yet. Please wait before tooting the horn

foxdie20142108d ago

Listen just by sony showing up ms lost with that shit storm of a conference ms had

kenwonobi2108d ago

I'll too my horn if they show a dead canary. It'll be more exciting than Xbox-X​ and stuff. Crackdown minus explosions and racing game number 100.

Dark_Knightmare22108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

It's Sony when don't they ever knock it out of the park at e3 like seriously lol


2006......but all is forgiven.

XanderZane2108d ago

2017 now. Their E3 was not good this year. The crowd was cheering less then Microsoft audience. Go watch it for yourself.

TocaCannaBowl2108d ago

hope to see sucker punch new ip

Tussin1872108d ago

I would love a new IP but I just want to see what they can do now even if it's Infamous. Second Son looked amazing and that was at the beginning of the PS4. Can't imagine what they can do now!!!

TFJWM2108d ago

They have already stated they are working on a new IP, what it is thou nobody knows

Sam Fisher2108d ago

As much as i loved infamous. They need to bring something new, everyone else has done something completely different. When they had mentioned a new ip last time it was an other infamous, thats like stupid to boast about. Now gg went with horizon, thats a f$&@ing new ip. Spiderman, last of us. But sucker punch needs to up their game

fenome2108d ago

So was I, can't believe they still haven't shown their hand! When is PSX again??