IGN: The Next Nintendo DS is Coming

The way it works in this industry, rumors of the next videogame system usually sprout up, oh, about a millisecond after the previous system's announced. The rumor mill on a next Nintendo DS has been churning for well over two years now; ever since the Nintendo DS Lite shipped everyone's been wondering "what's next" for Nintendo's handheld market.

According to Nikkei's report, the next Nintendo handheld will be an upgraded Nintendo DS platform. In other words, it will still feature touch screen control and dual screen display as its main components. The device, as the Nikkei report continues, will also feature a built-in camera much like 99 percent of mobile phones, removable media in the form of SD cards, and enhanced Wi-Fi to strengthen and speed up data transfer between devices.

IGN would like to take this opportunity to break out what the additional features mean in terms of future options and gameplay for both Nintendo and its system owners.

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