Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference - 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT

Stay tuned for Ubisoft's E3 Conference with a pre-show event starting at 3:15 pm ET / 12:15 pm PT. Will there be dancing? Will there be awkward presenters? Will that unheard of title Assassin's Creed Origins (didn't know Rocky went back that far) be on stage? Who knows?!?!

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RommyReigns491d ago

Anyone else think this conference will turn out to be the worst of E3 this year?

Palitera491d ago

Aisha alone guarantees this will be a good presentation. As for content, hard to be worse than EA or Bethesda.

RommyReigns491d ago

My wife's name is Aisha, maybe a sign it could be good :D

UltraNova491d ago

The crew 2 is looking to be of the best games of its type ever made...well done Ubi you got my attention with this one.

491d ago
Summons75491d ago

It can't possibly be worse than EA with all the talking and only showing two games. Hell, it can't be worse than Bethesda. All they need to do is announce more than 2 games and they have those 2 beat.

AzubuEntus491d ago

This year's E3 has been pretty bad so far. Everything is up for Sony and Nintendo to make E3 incredible again, but even then...I wouldn't be surprised if they let us down too.

starchild491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Assassin's Creed Origins looks awesome. Really looking forward to it. I wish they would have showed more gameplay that we could actually see. That off screen footage was very hard to see.

RommyReigns491d ago

Yep this is much better than Microflop's conference

FITgamer491d ago

Well so far I'd say there's is the best. At least for a few more hours.

blackblades491d ago

Good show, your prediction way off bruh. Good thing its not your day job.

Liqu1d491d ago

Best conference so far, very good showing from Ubisoft. Sony might actually have a challenge.

Retroman490d ago

Did a MS E3 presentation review outcome search on YouTube . the results : 95% said MS FAIL!!!!!!
that's including Francis . im optimistic for both companies buuuuut Dayum MS how could you fk-up sooooooooo Badly ? Sony could introduce a dog game "Gravey Train" for kids and Win E3 2017

What happened MS ?

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RommyReigns491d ago

Oh look, Miyamoto! This is already infinitely better than the Microsoft conference.

_-EDMIX-_491d ago

Lol that Mario strategy RPG game by default is already better than what Microsoft showed.

I normally don't like Nintendo focusing on Outsourcing so much but this is definitely one of those exceptions where they need to partner themselves with great development teams like Ubisoft.

This is definitely a game I'm going to keep my eye on.

I actually have to own a switch to play this game so I would say by default Nintendo is already doing better before they even show their conference 😂😂😂

DeathtoOtakuDJ491d ago

Man, that's RAD! East meets West.

SegaGamer491d ago

I never expected to see a game with Mario and Rabbids.

Nineball2112491d ago

It actually looks like a lot of fun!

_-EDMIX-_491d ago

Agreed very Disgaea very Final Fantasy Tactics.

This looks like a day one for anyone who like strategy RPGs.

I don't own a switch yet, but if I did this would be a day one purchase for me I would even say that this is one of the games I'm going to buy for the switch the day I purchase one

In my personal opinion if this game does good I think they need to have Ubisoft doing the Mario RPGs for now on.

monkey602491d ago

And it actually looks awesome! I'm seriously thinking of getting a switch

_-EDMIX-_491d ago

Not necessarily I would argue that this was more likely than most Partnerships as this was rumored for quite a while and the rabbids property has been identified with Nintendo for a long time.

I just never expected it to look so good it looks like a very very solid strategy RPG and I'm definitely going to purchase it when I buy a Switch.

mkis007491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Did they really just go to a feed to show someone playing off screen? That is so whack!!!!

TXIDarkAvenger491d ago

Not only that but he's playing outside. Barely see anything...