Kingdom Hearts III's Release Date Reveal Hinted At By Nomura

It’s never been easy to be a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. All the series titles are wonky, there are various unnumbered games that while unnumbered are still vital to the overall story, and worst of all the numbered titles are practically fictitious until they actually release.

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MattDavisIP2117d ago

I hope it will be in two month :D

Gaming_Cousin2117d ago

Thats like asking for Santa to drop a Lambo in your backyard

pressjudge2116d ago

I was a good boy I want Kingdom Hearts 3 sooner

CyrusLemont2116d ago

Optimistically, late next year. It doesn't seem like English VA has been done yet either.

starboy112116d ago

Some Persona 5 VAs didn't finish recording until a month or two before release. I don't think its insane to say March/April 2018 that gives them around 9 months

PhoenixUp2116d ago

At the rate we're getting info on this game a late 2018/early 2019 is most reasonable

Omnislashver362116d ago

I agree. They're only showing off one more world next month, so any earlier is not likely.

TheGamez1002116d ago

if theyre announcing the release date next month, definately a 2018 release

starboy112116d ago

I'm almost positive its going to be 2018

Antnee5342116d ago

Not going to lie wish they would cancel the game on xbox one and just bring it to ps4 and switch. Only reason i say switch is because nintendo at least had half of the kingdom heart franchise on their platforms. Also because it will be dead on arrival for xbox one in every region.

franwex2116d ago

It's kinda selfish to wish that. What if a fan who only owns an Xbox really wanted to play It?
I on the other hand wished it was on the switch, and pc so more people could play.

SegaGamer2116d ago

Exactly. Wishing it only being on 1 or 2 systems is selfish and fanboyish.

Antnee5342115d ago

I see why you say its selfish it is if you personally want that. My statment was more in the sence of a buisness choice cause sales would be better on switch than xbox one guaranteed.

noxeven2116d ago

No hints just confirmations. So i will play the waiting game!

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