Xbox One X's E3 2017 Showing Was Very, Very Good, But Not Great

The display Microsoft put on for Xbox One X was indeed very, very good, but it was not great and it's all because of price and games. Besides, it felt a little weird to see Microsoft close the Xbox One X show with a multi-platform title. Ultimately, Microsoft seems to not have learned their lesson about price and the public's reaction to it.

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Manic20142109d ago

Good. That's it. They showed games, a good amount of exclusives, but they lacked the exclusive were you'd go Wow. The price, obviously was not great, but they made it clear from the start this is a PREMIUM product. For the hardcore gamers who wants the best performance, and that's what it is.

Yet I was disappointed in the lack of AAA. That really was a sore spot. The exclusives they have announced, AA and AAA covers them up till Q1 2018, what about beyond that? They usually announce the big hitters at E3 so I was really surprised and disappointed we never saw this. I wonder if MS will have a GAMESCOM conf this year to show it. They can always announce it next E3 but that would be too late to start developing attention toward those AAA's.

I'm hoping for the best.

Shadowlee2109d ago

It feels like ms will be at another conference cause they left out quite a few things.

bouzebbal2109d ago

there was absolutly nothing X1X centered.
even the game trailers were shozn on regular xbox with a small mention of enhanced resolution on the bottom side.
nothing did it justice it was one of the weakest hardware reveals yet.

Kingthrash3602109d ago

1 entire year of powere this and tflops that....tweet after tweet of sneak dissing sony, pics of the xbox chips flaunted. People saying "wait till E3, MS will unleash the beast!"
All that and we got this poor showing of a new console.
I walked away from the conference feeling no reason to buy a xboX.
This wasn't a "good" conference
They opened by repeating what digital foundry said. Then showed a car No one can afford. Then forza...nice....after that it was all down hill.
I look to all of you and I ask. Is this what you thought MS was bringing?
For 2 years straight they didn't have a new AAA exclusive at E3.
2 years. This is worse than you think.
This wasn't a good showing at all.

thekhurg2109d ago

They left out AAA games. Apparently they don't have anything anymore.

RpgSama2108d ago

Very, very good? In what world, they showed world premiere trailers of multiplatform titles, around 16 timed indie exclusives and the same 6 windows 10 and Xbox exclusives we've known for at least 3 years, Crackdown, Cuphead, State of Decay, Sea of thieves, Forza 7 and Ori 2, but this time in 4k.

Not a single new game, not a single new IP, not a single surprise announcement, Microsoft threw the towel this year and it was for all to see, it's the same thing that happened with the later years of the 360 life, no games.

darthv722108d ago

@thrash, you already have an XBO so unless you just want a better running XBOX then you should just stick to the one you have. I dont know if you have a Pro or not but the same rule applies there as well. Now if you did upgrade to the Pro then by all means upgrade to the XBOX as well. That way you will have the latest and greatest from both.

Me, I'm going to wait it out like I did before. New games were shown for the xb family so you can decide which you liked or not. i liked a few of them and will gladly play them on my base XBO when they come out. You didnt need exclusives to convince you, you already have an XBO and were looking for reason to upgrade. If more powerful hardware isnt enticing then why did you upgrade to a Pro? (and dont say it's because of the exclusives... you can play those on a base PS4 just fine).

So I say you should upgrade to the XBOX if you upgraded to the Pro. Just because you know its a better unit and you like to say you are all about the better hardware to play games to their fullest. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of having a better xb experience. You owe it to yourself bro.

Kingthrash3602108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I upgraded to the pro because games were coming immediately for it. Games like horizon. Games like spiderman. Games like god of war. Games like days gone. Games like death stranding. These are games that are available no where else.
MS showed me games that will work well on xbo but not utilize the power of the X. All games showed the will utilize the power are confirmed to be going to ps4p too.
This is why exclusives matter.
This pure example of having all the power in the world....but when you are the last new powered up console to release and you have no note worthy exclusives people will keep what they have.
I just bought my ps4p a few months ago. I wouldn't mind a xbox X, but the question of why comes up when it has nothing compelling or WOW factor exclusives that make you want it.
Nintendo has it with zelda/mario
Playstation has it with the games I mentioned earlier.
What does xbox have that makes me and many others need a xbox X?
Truthfully darth.
I'm far from trolling here.
This was the worst thing to do.
It's over, tge xbox brand will never be the same and will never compete.
It's over.

Shadowlee2108d ago

...what? Most if not all those games were running on scorpio. Ppl did t want e3 to be a scorpio fest remember? Now youre knocjing it cause it wasbt enough xbox one X? Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

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GottaBjimmyb2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I wasn't impressed, personally, a lot of decent looking games, but absolutely nothing that got me excited.

This site's userbase is very frequently extremely Sony biased, but in this case, I agree 100% with their criticisms

JasonKCK2109d ago

trooper_ that would be more credible if it came from someone else.

Manic20142109d ago

Personally I was not satisfied but I still don't 100% agree with half the crticisim on this site. Some are legit, others a pure fanboy outcry for a brand they say they will never buy from.

ps360s2109d ago

it would be the opposite if Xbox were the ones on top... lol

rockbottom30762109d ago

I own all the consoles but have been Sony this gen due to exclusives mostly. That being said I wanted to want the new Xbox one X as I haven't turned on my Xbox in ages. I buy all exclusives and have owned 4k flagship model tvs since they came out. I bought a pro right away and have been waiting for the X. I felt that the footage shown was just that tailor made footage. Except for Forza. My buddy who is an Xbox zealot Loved the show. I however said to my self they really could of knocked it out of the park for a win but settled with a single to tie up the score. I hope they give more soon.

trooper_2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Oh I'm sorry Jason, I didn't mean to hurt any feelings.

mkis0072108d ago

Xbox BC was really the only surprise...and it kinda bummed me out.

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darthv722109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The price was not bad and was pretty much the expected price but obviously it wasnt as good as others would hope. Now if it was $599 then yeah it would be dead in the water.

Overall though this is MS best show in the last few years. Lots of games, new og xb support and a newer improved XBOX. If i had to give them a grade then it would be a solid B. It was def better than Bethesda and EA and most likely Nintendo but I can change their grade if needed. For now it is just a B.

It was neither great nor terrible it was just.... good.

threefootwang2109d ago

$599 in Canada 😟

Even after conversion it should actually be $672 but still, a bit of a steep price to overcome.

I'll probably get it still, just not day one anymore as planned.

WickedLester2109d ago

I honestly thought their show last year was better.


$499 was the Expected price for months, Funny how everyone is all like "Whoa that's too expensive!" all of a sudden lol. Anthem, Forza 7 and Metro looked AMAZING running on the X!

The biggest difference will be the +4gb RAM that Sorpio has over the Pro for games, you will notice a lot better draw distances, texture quality and object amount/density more than anything!

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SegaGamer2109d ago

I wouldn't even say it was very very good, it was average at best.

iDadio2109d ago

Take your pick from:

You get the idea, was completely expected and was just left with a "was that it" thought lingering when it had finished. No massive announcements, a shocking demo of Crackdown, The word Exclusively used to define things that simply are not exclusive.

Hope tonight's showing fairs better.

Sciurus_vulgaris2109d ago

This year's MS conference was not that good.
The good of the conference:
-Ori and the Will of the Wisp
- Release dates for State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and Cuphead
- Xbox One X was well presented
-OG Xbox backwards compatibility

-Reliance on the obvious Forza 7
- Huge amounts of gimmicky timed indie exclusives
- Third party games got more emphasis than 1st party exclusives
- Short trailers, and lack of gameplay for MS's fall line up.
-No new first party IPs announced.
- No new AAA first party titles announced.
- No 343i or Coalition
- No indication of the Xbox first party line up for 2018, with exception of Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2.
-None of the games that Phil Spencer likes to tease.

OldGuyStillGaming2109d ago

Con: Reliance of the obvious Forza
But you add another con
No 343 or Coalition?
Wouldn't that fall in the same category as relying on the obvious Halo,Gears and Forza?

Sciurus_vulgaris2109d ago

Both Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 are still receiving content updates, those games are tied to the Coalition and 343i. If Phil Spencer, stated increase first party investment, not having stage time for the two biggest 1st party studios, obviously contradicts this. Both 343i and The Coalition, are likely still bind to one IP each.

THC CELL2109d ago

For the first time ever I switched off the stream and went to bed it was a doomed E3

FunAndGun2109d ago

What? You can't be serious?

I'm a Playstation only gamer and I watched the whole thing. Usually the end of the show is the hardest hitter so you turning off the stream early seems silly.

Not like it really matters....whatever floats your boat I guess.

akurtz2108d ago

same here man. Games are games!

Garethvk2109d ago

Not impressed at all. Games that could be played on the PC and Xbox One. No reason to pony up for the new system when any good gaming PC will do that and more.

FunAndGun2109d ago

Same reason I skipped the Pro. These mid gen upgrades are silly. I'm just waiting for the next gen to be properly blown away on console.

Armyntt2109d ago

It's not a mid gen upgrade!

Sciurus_vulgaris2108d ago

The silly mid gen upgraded, for Xbox, likely cost the division several hundred million, that could of went to 1st party games.

81BX2109d ago

No reason unless that's for you. Personally I'm getting one and a pro. I more than likely won't partake in this mid gen upgrade next time. Just make it like that to begin with

Wikkid6662109d ago

So buy the game on a pc... guess what? It's still a game sold for them.

Razzer2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Depends. Cuphead, for example, will be on Steam as well as win 10 store. Don't think MS gets a dime of steam sales.


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