Source Confirms New DS Hardware, Includes Camera

GameFlavor writes:

"We spoke to a source close to Nintendo -- a software developer, for those who are wondering -- and he confirmed that the company is indeed working on secret new hardware to replace the DS. What's more, he stated that he has seen the new device, and could describe some of its features."

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clinker3671d ago

Interesting that Nintendo did not deny the rumors outright. Plus the Nikkei newspaper is farily credible source, so I suppose these pics are real.

A camera would be great on the DS, considering how much they were able to do already with the microphone.

jofra013671d ago

Agreed camera would open up more opportunities for Nintendo and other game developers in what they could do with games.

Nintendo Rep3671d ago

.............................. LIES ALL OF IT LIES.


There could be a lot of great games that utilize a camera!

I hope this isn't too expensive but even if it is there's something about Nintendo's white plastic that is so irresistible!

jofra013671d ago

Nikkei, the ones who basically brought word on the DS first, have said that the DS will go for 20,000 Yen which is more than the current DS Lite.

DeFFeR3671d ago

please... i need to keep a little 20th century in my life... keep buttons on handhelds... no touchscreen-y badness

ElementX3671d ago

Developers could put program "d-pad and buttons" on the edge so you could look like you were pressing buttons.

jay23671d ago

Just wait guys.........

clinker3671d ago

Lol @ Nintendo Rep

What happens to Nintendo workers if they let secrets out of the bag? Do they feed you to the goombas?

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