IGN: The Faces of the Future

Earlier this year, the staff at Image Metrics, a 3D facial animation firm, created an internet sensation with the Emily Project. The subsequent video, which was aimed to demonstrate the power of their proprietary scanning software, has been featured on major tech blogs and entertainment sites all over the web. The video features actress Emily O'Brien, whose face was entirely digitally rendered, with unprecedented detail and photo-realism. But prior to the attentions garnered by the Emily Project, Image Metrics specialized in facial animations in countless video games and most recently feature-length films.

The firm's work can be seen in such games and films as The Mummy 3, Call of Duty 2, Meet Dave, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. IGN Gear had an opportunity to discuss the company's software and past, current, and future projects with Image Metrics' Executive Vice President, Kelvin Duckett, and Head of Production, Pete Busch.

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