Gamertell Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Mobile

Gamertell has posted a so-so review of Star Wars: The force Unleashed Mobile based on the N-Gage version of the game.

From the review:

"For the Mobile version of this much-publicized Star Wars game, the developers took a cue from the DS release and created a unique control scheme based on the physical nature of the system. All the smartphone incarnations of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Mobile rely on the phone's number pad to tap out patterns to activate various Force powers. On the iPhone and iPod Touch, you use the touchscreen to draw similar patterns.

It's innovative and sometimes fun but not quite the action-filled, lightsaber slashing game you'd expect from the Star Wars franchise...

The CellWeaving control scheme is certainly the game's most innovative feature but it also proves to be its biggest offender depending on the type of phone you are using."

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