Research & Markets: Sony PlayStation 3 is Expected to Win the Console War with an Install Base of Around 75 Million Globally b

This brief considers the impact of next-generation consoles on the online games sector, assessing whether online services will reach their mass market potential.

Scope of this title:
- Provides an analysis of primary drivers for online games use as well as for the adoption of the next-generation of video game consoles.
- Highlights game types and principle players within the evolving video games market.
- Addresses current growth trends in the console and handheld markets across major geographic sectors.

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UrbanJabroni5218d ago

"Xbox 360 is close on the heels of the PS3 overall"

Could we have a winner for worst analyst in history?

True Gamer5217d ago

When an analyst predicts the Xbox 360 is going to win, you all bash the PS3.

When an analyst predicts the PS3 is going to win, you all bash the analyst.

Make up your minds!

grifter0245217d ago

True Gamer.. Those two things are not the same thing are they?????? Bashing the ps3 is totally different then Bashing the analyst . LOL ...Its kinda funny how everything is going so well for the ps3 in this article. "Xbox holds an early lead but PS3 is expected to head the market" When shall we see this heading of the market?? HAHA Hopefully soon ..I suppose."The handheld market is no longer a one horse race" Umm I think it still is.. The PSP is no longer the "Dream" handheld it tried to be and take out nintendo. I Dont even hear anymore about umd movies. There is so much hype and "aparrent" information that sony is going to preform a miracle and win all console wars. This might happen but it probably wont happen since it isnt doing good now but who knows .. Just forget everything analysists say since they really dont know what they talk about anytime.

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The story is too old to be commented.