Microsoft's E3 2017 Presentation Shows Don Mattrick's Influence is Nothing but a Bad Memory

VGChartz's Daniel Carreras: "Phil Spencer and his team at Xbox have managed to turn the Xbox brand's image around. By the middle of 2013 it was almost reviled - an easy butt of jokes and source of derision - but it finally feels as though the ship has been righted and things are back on track, with Microsoft taking the initiative rather than constantly trying to put out fires of its own making. One thing's for certain from this E3: Xbox is back."

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TheColbertinator589d ago

Dark times back then. Online check ups,DRM,no used games and multimedia features pushing aside the games.

Added with mandatory Kinect installation I found the Xbox 1 was trapped in a PR nightmare and I almost considered ending console gaming and stick to PC and portables. Thankfully that scenario has been brushed aside and Xbox looks to a brighter future.

PhoenixUp589d ago

The Xbox brand had more exclusives under Mattrick than it does now under Spencer

mcstorm587d ago

I agree but he killed a lot of them to. There will of also been a plan in place of ips to. Don't forget ms had a lot riding on the always online and had to change a lot in the background to which has also had a knock on affect as well as some games being kicked aside.

Look how long it has taken Sony to get some big exclusives out it takes time and will still take Microsoft a little longer but I would expect some big names comes next year.

KionicWarlord222588d ago

I think this is one big exaggeration here. I get the price comparisons but you got a beast of a system folks.

Nothing has been gimped or thought less of in this system. $399 would of been great but was a dream.

I dont think this needs to be a comparison to the earlier start of xbox. Comparing what you get.

4K GameDVR,4K Bluray Player, and 4K native games and 4K assets. Its not really the same comparison to a xbox one launch price in value.

4 years later this new edition to the family is more powerful and superior.

2pacalypsenow588d ago

Their Image is nowhere near a good as it was in 2005-2010

iDadio587d ago

Indeed, imagine where they could of been without the absolute clown fiesta announcing and launching the X1.

PR suicide after PR suicide. "Don't have the internet? lol play 360 then"

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