Microsoft Reveal that Original Xbox Games will available via Backwards Compatibility

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they revealed that later this year Xbox Original games will be available to play on Xbox One X later this year via Backwards Compatibility.

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PhoenixUp2117d ago

I'd hope such a feature wouldn't be exclusive to XOX. It should be available for all Xbox One owners

KingKionic 2117d ago

He said on stage that it will perform better on all xbox consoles.

So yeah its coming to xbox one just the article didnt notice.

It was nice to see crimson skies there.

Finch2117d ago

There is some fun games on obx but Damn there is still afew Xbox 360 games I'm waiting for.

hamzilla2117d ago

Conkers live and reloaded.... Need for speed underground 2...... Panzer Dragoon...... Blood Omen 2...... Def Jam Fight For New York.....

Skull5212117d ago

Great and all but I was kind hoping they'd drop another dozen or two BC 360 games today. Still waiting on GRAW and Ninja Gaiden... though this may mean Ninja Gaiden Black may be on its way...

mcstorm2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Pgr, sega GT, jsr, munch are just a few games I'll be sticking in my Xbox to play.

The other question is will the online side work? If so wow

starchild2117d ago

Otogi and Otogi 2 are at the top of my list. As is Tenchu Return From Darkness. Although that is really more of an enhanced version of Tenchu Wrath of Heaven on the PS2. It does have better graphics and a couple extra levels though, so I would still like them to bring it. They still haven't brought Tenchu Z from the 360 to backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, so I'm not sure if they will but it would be nice.

badboyz092117d ago

The Return of ESPN NFL 2K5!!!!!!!!!!

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PhoenixUp2117d ago

That's great, this article was my first time hearing about the feature so I didn't know all the details.

Now I'm puzzled why Sony couldn't do the exact same for PS4 and PS2

_-EDMIX-_2117d ago

Couldn't or wouldn't?


PhoenixUp2117d ago

PS2 games aren't on PS Now

SirBradders2117d ago

They to busy making new games. I'm sorry I don't want to be that guy but there is truth behind it.

RosweeSon2117d ago

They probably could but do they need to, they have the library of games if you want ps1 classics grab a Vita there's not much else to play on the (Vita's) these days ps2 classics are on PS4 now sure you gotta pay again yadda yadda... wait for a sale most of them drop to half price within a month so the massively overexpensive?🤔 £12 is more like £6 for some proper classics let's face it if you don't own the OG Xbox discs some of them classics like Shenmue 2 and rarer stuff is gonna cost a lot more than £6 to track down 2nd hand.
Besides ps2 classics have been tweaked and made to look as good as they cansinfor the price they ask. Besides can you use NES cartridges on/In Switch.. no?!! 😱😂Nintendo what a bunch of 🤔😉✌🏻

deathtok2117d ago

I get that the "focusing on new games" is supposed to be a dig. It doesn't make much sense though. The teams managing backward-compatibility aren't likely developing games if they're not working on BC.

Fist4achin2117d ago

Its all about the cabbage for Sony. They know a lot of people will pay for old games. BC shouldnt be that hard to implement. Maybe for ps3, but come on!

Imalwaysright2117d ago

Because that way, they get to sell you remasters. I think its painfully obvious.

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MetroidFREAK212117d ago

It's coming for everyone regardless of which version of the Xbox One you own

Kiwi662117d ago

Its not though as it will be on xb1, xb1 s and xbox x so no need to lose hope

Shadyceaser2117d ago

You got that name right ... Props to you😀😀😀

Imalwaysright2117d ago

Best feature on any current gen console.

Xb1ps42117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

It's great that ms is bringing together all the generation Xbox games into today to call it a true Xbox family.. but ms didn't deliver that scorpion sting on today's games...

Found my self asking where are the adult games at times...

MecheSlays2117d ago

It will be available for all xbox one owmers . U weren't paying attention

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Ristul2117d ago

I wonder how this is going to work, will we be able to use the original disks or is it some form of download.

freshslicepizza2117d ago

Can't the Xbox One read DVD's?

Ristul2117d ago

I guess, but remember, the 360 games are not runing from the disk on XBOne, it just act like an unlock key for the download.

TheRacingX2117d ago

same as x360, the disc is the key to play the downloaded file.

Ausbo2117d ago

They confirmed you can use disks, or get them digitally. Also they said you could system link like back in the good old days

PiNkFaIrYbOi2117d ago

This is rather cool, wonder how they will go about it and stuff.

2117d ago
Yohshida2117d ago

Best thing out of the conference. Picked up a OG XBOX just a month ago. I love it, but streaming is a pain in the axx. Would love achievements if this is possible. But please make it pop in and go. Don't want to download it again.

jznrpg2117d ago

achievements are possible but they will have to patch each game

Jakens2117d ago

Achievements will happen. My guess.