Minecraft at E3: Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more

This Summer, we’re bringing you a whole new bunch of ways to play Minecraft!

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freshslicepizza1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

They show Switch, Xbox One, Windows laptop, Android, so is Sony still holding out because I don't see a PS4 in that video?

letsa_go1934d ago

They don't exactly say...but the video description says "This means you can play Minecraft on any device, whenever and wherever you’d like!" I'd imagine "any" includes PS4?

freshslicepizza1934d ago

I will believe it when I see it because in that video you can clearly see which platforms it will support, can you show me the PS4 in that video?

OMGitzThatGuy1934d ago

On Twitter a dev says they want to work it out with Sony.

freshslicepizza1934d ago

Don't expect a reply anytime soon.

The 10th Rider1934d ago

It does look to be the case that PS4 is not included as of now. Even articles I can find that list available platforms don't list PS4 for crossplay.

freshslicepizza1933d ago

Playstation REFUSED

There you have it, Sony finally admitted what we all knew all along that when push came to shove they won't do crossplay with other consoles. And before anyone says it doesn't make much sense for Sony being the leader in sales may I remind you all how much the game sold on the PC? This is a disagrace to their fans by blocking them from playing what is likely the best game to showcase crossplay with millions of other gamers.

People are not going to run out and buy an Xbox One so they can play Minecraft so what is Sony's real problem other than pride at this point? First they said the reason they created the PS4 Pro was to curb gamers from going to the PC and now they want to curb crossplay in fear they might like other networks?

slavish01933d ago

Sony doesnt support cross play outside of pc anymore. They use to though

The 10th Rider1933d ago


The sad thing is if Sony were the ones pushing it and Microsoft refused, it'd be at the top of the front page all day. No video game company is perfect. A game like Minecraft really should have crossplay, there's not a single good excuse to refuse it.

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DaGreatOne1934d ago

Yea it's real unfortunate, Sony still doesn't seem to want to play ball. I figured of all the games this would be the one.

freshslicepizza1933d ago

I don't know how anyone can suggest it's not Sony by now who are the holdouts on crossplay games with other consoles. If Nintendo is onboard there is no reason at all Sony shouldn't be.

DaGreatOne1933d ago

I usually disagree with a lot of things you say lol. But on this issue at least I'm right along with you. I pulled this from Engadget article on the matter:

"It's not for lack of wanting to or effort on our part," senior global communications manager Aubrey Norris says. "We are in discussions with our partners right now. We want PlayStation and we invite Sony to bring PlayStation players onto Bedrock, but we can't get any further into -- these are confidential discussions."

Its frustrating somewhat, I feel like this would do more good than harm but yeah still no dice.

BadElf1933d ago

I don't know what it is with Sony in that regard. Punks

Gemmol1933d ago

sony scumbags for this

Ulf1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Obviously Sony is holding out. Every other platform has clearly agreed to do cross-platform play -- it's obviously not Microsoft holding the PS4 version up.

Segata1933d ago

In a tweet from mojang. Sony refused. Nintendo accepted.

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ZeekQuattro1933d ago

Much like after the success of the PS2 Sony has clearly gotten a big head anytime its Nintendo who is down for something like this and Sony isn't. lol They used to be for it.

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