1UP: Rygar: The Battle of Argus Hands-On Preview

It's been a while -- specifically, nearly a year -- since we last saw Rygar: The Battle of Argus, and while nothing's drastically changed (despite its numerous delays) since then, we finally got some hands-on time to check out some of the differences between this Wii update and PS2 original, Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. The most obvious (besides the Wii controls) of which is the fact that protagonist Rygar himself looks quite a bit different. His subtle, classical Greco-Roman motif's been replaced with a heavily anime-inspired reinterpretation, complete with crazy, pointy hair and armor that obviously sides more with form than function. Surprisingly, though, this reimagined Rygar seems to blend in pretty well in Battle of Argus, considering that other characters and enemies border on the absurd -- one that immediately springs to mind is a literal baby-faced hydra.

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PS360WII4859d ago

Cool new look to the hero, more enemies to fight, new spots for them to jump out from, new music, and a few others. Never even played the PS2 game so should be pretty fun to check out :)

Mikhal55694859d ago

I'm kinda excited for this game. The first one was far from perfect, but I still had a lot of fun playing through it. The game looks like it could be a good buy for people who missed out on the first one as long as they keep the price around $30.