Xbox Scorpio is now called Xbox One X, Release Date and Hardware Shown

During its E3 press conference that took place earlier today, Microsoft announced that its newest piece of hardware would be called the Xbox One X.

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ptownjbo1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

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Skull5211512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

The beast has arrived, console gaming will never be the same again. I can't believe how much native 4K is going to be around. More powerful than my top of the line gaming PC from 2014, and can way outperform it at a fraction of the cost.

BiggerBoss1512d ago

$499?? Yikes.

Maybe I'll get one in a year or two when the price drops.

4Sh0w1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Decent show, not great. I wanted to see 1 or 2 more BIG AAA console exclusive games. 'meh too much indie stuff. Then they didn't show Crackdown 3 and all the destruction, what happened? They should have replaced the AC Origins gameplay demo with a Crackdown 3 demo. I'll definitely pick it up but jeesh where's my bigtime 1st party Xbox type games that show off this "Xbox One X"? btw I get the name but its so boring compared to Scorpio.

TFJWM1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

It was a pretty poor E3 showing a lot of "console launch exclusive" indies and not even any big drops from MS studios. Forza looked amazing and then all the other exclusives had decent graphics at best(besides Ori/Cuphead but those are hand drawn). Crackdown didn't even showcase the main feature with blowing up buildings.

4Sh0w1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Agreed, this is why I say Microsoft needs to focus MAINLY on the type of games that they are known for, all they need is a couple new AAA IP's with varied experiences that aren't name Halo, Gears, or Forza.....I love those games and I will always buy them but gimme something like a kickazz Tomb Raider-like platformer, gimme a huge Mass Effect-like adventure RPG, and where the hell is my Ninja Gaiden-like action game, and where F is my big multiplayer experience like Sea of Thieves but more gritty?= This is what sells XBOX! They went with "diversity" too much with the Lucky fox type stuff and indie and cartoon stuff. I mean seriously they did a fantastic job with the hardware but where's the BEEF? Those games are filler and the crowd that says Xbox needs that will always choose Nintendo or ps4 over Xbox for those type of games. I mean Anthem looked freaking sick but they should have had something of that caliber from their 1st party studios or gotten it exclusive.

XisThatKid1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

@Skull521 reading teleprompter?
That comment read like a poorly written 90s ad that has to appeal to out of touch parents

darthv721512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Clever name...

Og XBox then the XBox 360(XB360) then the XBox One (XBO/XB1/XBone) and then the XBox One S (XBOS/XB1S/XBoneS)

Now we have the XBox One X... "XBOX" (XBOX/XB1X/XBoneX)

They have come full circle. Scorpio can now be simlly "XBOX" (XBox One X) and it looks to play 3 gens of XB gaming goodness.

rainslacker1512d ago

Market research shows that adding X to anything increases it's appeal.

MS marketing department is obviously run by 10 year olds, or they are just marketing this system to 10 year olds.

I know it's not any more creative than adding Pro to the end of the name, but surely they have someone there who can think of something better.

Scorpio was at least a cool name, where'd the guy who came up with that name go?

Arnon1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Lol 6 teraflops of gpu power; that's cute. This thing will run on medium-low settings to be able to get 4k/60FPS native. My 1080ti has 11.3 teraflops and not even it can pump out 4k/60FPS on high settings. And in case there's any dispute, here's the build:

CPU: Intel Core i7 6850k 6-core @3.6GHz
Cooler: Corsair h115i AiO liquid cooler
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080ti Founders Edition
RAM: TridentZ RGB 32GB DDR4-3000
Motherboard: Asus Rampage V Edition 10
HDD: Samsung 850 Evo 1TB SSD

The machine with keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and case is $3300. Its probably safe to say that the Xbox One X isn't going to produce anything higher than medium settings, if even that.

frostypants1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

@arnon, nobody cares what kind of freaking cooler you have. Man, some people just desperately look for any excuse to blab about their rig. Also fyi you could have built a machine that is only about 5%-10% slower than that for about $2000 less. You just threw money at it rather than thinking about the design.

Skull5211512d ago

I know you guys are pissed that PS4 Pro was relevant only for a few months but grow up.

Arnon1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

@frostypants Actually, I thought about the design for a few months (hence why the computer runs like a beast) because I was looking for a workstation/gaming rig that I could future-proof. Furthermore, the cooler to the CPU is an essential part of the computer and will determine the amount of stress that can be placed on the processor before bottlenecking; the longer the CPU can stay cool, the better!

Also, considering that the GPU is $700 alone, that's an inaccurate assessment of power vs. price. At the very most, I could have spent $500-$700 less than what I did. Then again, that would require me purchasing an HDD that's expected to fail after 3 years (yes, HDDs are officially expected to fail after 3 years) with half or a quarter of the current RAM that I have and a motherboard that I would end up replacing after 2 years. Maybe even a different GPU that would, again, be replaced after a couple of years. The only things that I could have truly skimped on and not worried about whether or not the PC would perform well after 5 years is the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and case.

It's called an investment for a reason! :)

nitus101512d ago


I won't fault you for your build especially since I have no idea what you are predominately going to use your desktop for.

My build was over 18 months ago and I decided to go with a basic Skylake i7 6700 (note I am not into overclocking) and 16GB of DDR4. Even now the only time I stress my system is when I am doing video editing which will have my CPU's hit about 80% and core temperatures hit about 65°C. My memory utilization rarely hits 4GB but then I am not into PC gaming especially since I don't run a Microsoft operating system.

Having a 1TB SSD is IMHO overkill and expensive since all you really need is a 120GB SSD as your system disk and a decently sized HDD (mine is 3TB) which is relatively cheap. For gaming, you probably won't find that much of a performance difference between using an SSD and an HDD although your wallet will.

Arnon1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )


One of the main reasons a larger SSD is so expensive is because it will eventually become the new medium for data storage, mostly due to very obvious reasons such as no moving parts, being quieter, having less energy consumption and being faster in boot times for nearly anything written to it. Also, they last a very long time. If you were to write 20 GB on it a day it would last roughly 187.5 years. If you were to write 100 GB a day it would last 18.75 years. A regular HDD that is on consistently will last roughly 3-4 years before the disks give out.

Allsystemgamer1512d ago


You're an idiot. This thing is no where near as powerful as a top end 2014 Pc. Not even close. Nowhere near a 980.

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butchertroll1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )


Xbone X is so dead on arrival. And only Cuphead and Ori were interensting games. What a shit show.

Phil Spencer didn't learned anything

EDIT : LOL @ disagree votes. I know, it's painful for Xbox fans

Shadyceaser1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

You are the joke here.
Sorry ps fan boys ... That was a good showing ... Now let's see what Sony is about, before we complain about a console you don't own.

3-4-51512d ago

really? I was completely not interested in Scorpio and hadn't played my XB1 in about 5-6 months. I now really want an XB1 X and will trade in my XB1 towards it at Gamestop.

They just saved themselves for the next 2-3 years with that presentation.

1512d ago
Ceaser98573611512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Expected a major AAA title.. X was the saving grace of the show... Sexy looking console.. predicted it that its gonna be 499... Will def get it when it launches in India, and ya! another game which i look forward to is Anthem, it looked beautiful... AC origins looked great..

BiggerBoss1512d ago

As far as games go, this conference was embarrassing. Xbox games BC is pretty cool though

butchertroll1512d ago


I'm butthurt because XOX is dead at 499$?

J-DARKnes1512d ago

Totally agree with you, the show was super boring and didn't show anything interesting (to me) also the crowd was more excited about BC than anything else they showed.. needless to say I was expecting so much more.

LexHazard791512d ago

I dont see the how the show was a shit show. Yea lacked the punch maybe a couple more AAA games but aside from that, very solid. And the games taking advantage of Scorpio look great.

Gunstar751512d ago

"Didn't learned"

Oh the irony

Bnet3431512d ago

for you ts alot. youre prob like 14. The PS3 was 499 for a bootleg version. dont act like thats alot of money. its more powerful than the PS4 pro and thats 400 bucks.

GamingIVfun1512d ago

Microsoft could sell Xbox fanboys crap on a platter, and they would say it is the greatest.

XanderZane1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

No one cares what you say as you are one of the biggest trolls on here. The show wasn't great, but it wasn't shit either. I gave it a C+ grade. Mainly because there weren't enough Megaton Bombs. No big New IP 1st Party games that we didn't already know about. No Perfect Dark, Conker, Battletoads, Crimson Skies 2, Mechassault 3, Links or Blinx announcements. No new big named 3rd party Exclusive titles. Doesn't seem like they acquired any new studios either. Nothing was announced if they did. Still, they did show a lot of games and many were new games we've never seen. Games like Metro: Exodus, The Darwin Project, Black Desert, Super Lucky's Tale, Code Vein and Ori and the Will of the Wisp. Good stuff, but definitely not enough. Was hoping for sports lineup of games as well.

butchertroll1512d ago


Me troll? What are you then?

Yeah, C grade is not a shit! It's awesome

rainslacker1512d ago

It was a good showing of games. I just think MS failed to actually show off the need for a Scorpio. Since Scorpio is what everyone was focused on, it kind of took away from the games showing, and most of the games they showed weren't exactly the kinds of games which show off the true power that they've been hyping.

I didn't "feel the power" from this conference. But I did see some new games I'm interested in. Most of those are indies, and all but two(Ori/Cuphead) were multiplat.

papadocownag31512d ago

when is Sony's ES show?? tomorrow? am in TAMPA, FL USA (EST)!!??!?

Braveheart_NZ1511d ago

OMG! LOL how Ironic and rich after a sentence like, Phil Spencer didn't LEARNED anything? Learned? English lesson, the word you were looking for was "learn" in that sentence and not learned dude!! lol HAHAHA. It looks more like you haven't learnt much in the English grammar department. School drop out or immature child? The Microsoft conference was great in my opinion and I'm a fan boy of no consoles. I just play games no matter what they are on. For the record I have a gaming PC, 2xPS4 Pro's, 2 Xbox One S's and one Nintendo Switch in my house. Stop being a stupid little dumb assed fan boy. It makes you look ridiculous. A real and true fan of games plays games and not consoles. I give that Microsoft conference a 9 out of 10. Even someone buying one of these to use in a home theatre set up and as a Native 4K HDR Dolby Atmos audio player at $499 makes the Xbox One X a great deal and that's without the inclusion of it being a 4K gaming console. Since it can play games and at true 4K with liquid cooling and has HDMI 2.1 hardware ports with future TV's in mind, along with Freesync 2 on board, makes this a steal. 4K stand alone players cost much more, and they don't play 4K games. For that reason alone makes this an awesome deal. A done deal for someone like me.

AmUnRa1511d ago

Yeah Spencer blabering away over new first party aaa games, where are they Microsoft?? Spencer is just a talking head and he is just like Microsoft, turning words and PR bullshit all the way. This conference was just bad.

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BiggerBoss1512d ago

The One X looks nice, but at $499 I'll definitely be sticking with my Ps4 Pro for another year or two. Hopefully the price drops quickly

THamm1512d ago

Ms just needs to stick to gamepass at this point and focus on that, the Scorpio simply is rushed to me and not ready, same thing with Xone launch. Looks like ms is bringing it out too early, multiplats will not look leaps and bounds beyond current and no exclusives to consider the purchase

Sharky2311512d ago


I said the same thing!! I don't think the xb1 x was rushed. I do however think the mid gen console upgrades are not next gen because of multiplatform games. They've gotta work on all consoles. The one big thing about the xb1 x is no big 1st party games. To me Xbox has always missed that point. Sony understands power is only one part! You gotta make great games that look and play great!! When Xbox figures that out we really have a big competition on our hands!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1512d ago

Microsoft's conference was actually pretty good. The Xbox One X reveal, and a few of the exclusives that have never been seen before were actually pretty interesting. Thought the price of Scorpio was going to be at least $600 with the hardware in it. Good conference all around.

ChipdiddyChip1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

I'm getting XBX on day one, I want to play the best version of multiplats, the price is right for what you get, and no I don't want a PC because that's too much effort, consoles are easy and straight forward. ill get the pro for the PS exclusives. Theres also far too many fanboys on this website which isn't good for the gaming industry.

1512d ago
Bigpappy1512d ago

I got exactly what I was hoping for and more. Wasn't expecting Original Xbox BC this year. But that was a nice surprise.

1511d ago
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starchild1512d ago

Yeah, you did. Insider information or just an educated guess?

Sunny_D1512d ago

Probably seemed in line with their console naming. Like Xbox one S.

Number_91511d ago

Yes, the next logical step from S is X... -__-

corroios1512d ago

It seems small and thats nice. But still no price

LackTrue4K1512d ago

With that external power pack of course.

2pacalypsenow1512d ago

Does it have an external power supply? I missed that part.

TornRaptor1512d ago

Digital Foundry confirmed internal power supply

nitus101512d ago


It looks like the power supply (245W) will be internal having an external power supply would be poor design. The XB1x is actually smaller than the PS4pro although not by that much although the PS4pro is not as heavy.

It will be interesting to see if the XB1x has overheating issues down the track although by now you would think Microsoft learned their lesson from the XBox360 RRoD disaster and designed accordingly.

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DragonDDark1512d ago

I'm gonna pass.
Lots of what was shown were timed & I remember Phil saying we are not gonna do those anymore. :/
Not worth it for me.

1512d ago
ninsigma1512d ago

I actually thought they weren't going to announce it for a minute.

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