E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Live Stream - 5 PM ET/2 PM PT

Tune in live for Microsofts E3 2017 conference and see the official price and date announcements for Scorpio, more on BioWare's Anthem, and other video game announcements.


Just FYI, YouTube will start a pre-conference stream of info one hour before the official stream:

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demonddel2113d ago

2:26 left bruh it's about to go down #themightyscorpio

-Foxtrot2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

There's only one mighty Scorpio

Gazondaily2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Prepare for the BEAST!♏

Gonna watch this with party chat. Will be jokes. Add me, SEPTIC360 and message me if you wanna join the banter!

Christopher2113d ago

Just so people know, if you do anything with @Septic, prepare for falafel references.

Gazondaily2113d ago

😂^^ There will be plenty of falafel to serve today!

nX2113d ago

"Would you even buy it at $399?"

Actually, I would buy it at any price as money is not the issue, but to do so it needs at least a dozen of good exclusive games I can't get anywhere else.

However now that Xbox exclusives also come out on PC, I will probably upgrade my GPU instead. Today is pretty much MS last chance to convince me of buying a Xbox this gen.

RommyReigns2113d ago

Games fuel a console generation

thekhurg2113d ago

Microsoft still up to their old classic tricks.

Calling timed exclusive games "exclusive" in the audio.

solideagle2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

ok i have 1 question:
Xbox one launch exclusive...does it mean it will be exclusive forever or just timed exclusive? I am confused. thanks in advance!
because i can see they are using 2 terms "Xbox one & Windows 10 Exclusive" and "Xbox One Console Launch Exclusive"

foxdie20142112d ago

Mighty scorpio stands alone with no games good job ms

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nX2113d ago ShowReplies(2)
2113d ago
XanderZane2113d ago

22 XBox/Scorpio console exclusive games.

Inzo2113d ago

You mean Xbox 1 X? Dont you think that throughout the conference so far they said that xbox one games will work on the Xbox 1 X but not one mention of the other way around?

notachance2113d ago

lmao, all the new exclusives are indie

seriously XB wtf?

letsa_go2113d ago

Xbox fanboys be like...WTF, I love indies now!

IamTylerDurden12113d ago

Did u see the conference? Please do not brag about all the new exclusives for Microsoft after what we just witnessed. I'm shocked there wasn't even a single new AAA exclusive we didn't already know about. They ended on a holiday 2018 multiplat.

XanderZane2113d ago

@Inzo Whatever. It was announced before they revealed the name. 42 games will 22 being XB1/XBox One X console exclusives. The Indies weren't show until after most of the exclusives. So no, all the exclusives are not Indies. Pretty sure Sony will be showing plenty of Indies as well.

Aenea2113d ago

Ehh, incorrect, 22 games have an exclusive component, most of them are 'launch exclusives' aka. timed exclusives...

ziggurcat2113d ago

@xander: well, no... most of those games were "launch" exclusives, which is a new term for timed exclusive... which is not really an exclusive.

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2112d ago
foxdie20142112d ago

Yea it went down straight to bs around the corner from shit ville down to trash ave.

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oasdada2113d ago

Plz announce a kameo game fingers crossed!

modelgod2113d ago

Kameo? That's what hoping for? Wow!!

Sono4212112d ago

Microsoft actually brought the games.. wow. Great conference, good on ya Microsoft!

freshslicepizza2113d ago

Only original Xbox BC coming soon.

I have to be honest, I thought Microsoft was going to bring it but they didn't. They continue to show very little commitment to 1st party titles. State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and especially Forza 7 all looked great but nothing on the horizon shows any real investment other than the indie scene.

Bathyj2112d ago

Well moldy I'm glad to hear you admit that. You and all your brethren who are nothing if not loyal deserve better. And you shouldn't start demanding it.

I mean crackdown was a joke. After all this time? Does it even have the destruction anymore? After 4 years I was expecting extended gameplay. Seems like this was the title to show of XBOX. But no, instead they hire Terry crews to distract us from the fact they still have nothing to show on it. Worrying.

cfc832113d ago

It's been a low key build up. I prefer it like this.

2cents2113d ago

I'm shocked at how there have been no leaks.

The calm before the storm...

FriedGoat2113d ago

You gotta have something that is actually worth leaking.... Unfortunately MS didn't have that. Lots of multiplatform games and timed exclusive indies. Like 0 first party AAA that we didn't already know, looks like they removed the destruction from crackdown... all in all, a 3/10

DARK_WOLF2113d ago

Yeah it was pretty pooz on the 1p AAA front.

Xbox one x is a great console but i wanted to see new games. Even ones not out for 2 years wouldv been good. something to look forward to.

Im sick of hearing/seeing sea of thieves and crackdown. They do nothing for me and ima big xbox guy.

foxdie20142112d ago

They have no games to leak thats whyy

Summons752113d ago

Today's the day. They have everything going against them right now with this new system, let's see them put on a show :)

AzubuEntus2113d ago

It's Microsoft's judgment day.

But really, I'm hoping a new Perfect Dark game to be announced. Or a Lost Odyssey sequel.

foxdie20142112d ago

Keep wishing for that lost odyssey sequel its all about power not games for ms

Aceman182113d ago

I would give the presser a B for showing variety, but for me personally for my tastes on what i wanted to see its a D-

This presser was their chance to convince me to repurchase the system but they didn't show me any must own exclusives for the system.

Maybe at gamescom they can surprise me.

Summons752113d ago

I agree. There was a good variety of games, no major "must have" exclusives though and the $499 price on the One X really hurt the system, I haven't seen the reception for the price very positive. A solid B is quite fair.

foxdie20142112d ago

I give that shit conference a Z