LBP giveaway brings to its knees

Gamepro writes:

"An anxious internet created a natural "denial of service" on today, due to high demand for 1,250 free LittleBigPlanet download codes.

The good news is that the site is now stabilized, despite an influx of traffic. Better still, we're giving away another "big batch" of codes on Wednesday as penance for any still hoping to get in on the party a little early.

So Hang tight, Sackboy lovers. More freebies are on the way to"

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tmanmushroom3671d ago

I don't think anyone got any codes :(

LoVeRSaMa3671d ago

I think your correct.

Cheap ploys to get hits/registrations on there websites methinks.

SgtDuty3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Their registration didn't work. However it does now.

CBosh43671d ago

Anyone else having trouble registering on the site?

tmanmushroom3671d ago

I did, the captcha thing doesn't work and now it doesn't even show up!

King_Maho3671d ago

who has got a beta key from here? no one? :D