Dragon Quest XI is about 50 hours long, possibly 100 hours for completionists

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will take about 50 hours to complete, according to director Takeshi Uchikawa.

If you’re a completionist and want to do all of the side elements, it is possible the game will take 100 hours, Uchikawa added.

Uchikawa confirmed the news during a “mini stage” event at day two of the Dragon Quest XI “Countdown Carnival” in Fukuoka today.

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slasaru01496d ago

50 hours is not much for DQ series...

luckytrouble496d ago

Wut? 50 hours is lengthy for any JRPG. There's a point where accessibility goes out the window and a game becomes a time commitment over a hobby. That said, I've played and beaten most of the DQ series, and outside of VIII, most of them clock in on average 20 - 25 hours. This is going to be a gigantic game and pretending this is less content than anticipated seems strange to me.

LAWSON72495d ago

50 hrs is not lengthy for a JRPG. Most usually hit the 40-50 hr mark, the more traditional ones are longer and ARPGs are shorter

indysurfn495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

All these people here voting that 50 hours is lengthy for a JRPG is most likely talking about ACTION JRPG's. 50 hours is very short for a turn based jrpg. None of the JRPG's from the Final fantasy series are SHORT like that. Not final fantasy 1 through 10. Not any in the dragon quest series, until recently.

The last good JRPG (not action) that I played was The legend of heros trails of cold steel 2 and it was over 180 hours long on the first play through.

This is one of those issues where people DEFEND a company getting cheap. (like micro transactions, DLC, first day patches, season passes, online only no compaign). If you help a company to get away with it, you are begging other companies to do you the same way.

snake-OO496d ago

I remember DQ 8 took me 80hrs on my first play through. That was just finishing the main game.

LAWSON72495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

People disagree because you are correct apparently.

Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 8

Unless of course these don't count and we only count SNES and NES games to dictate what is to be expected.

deathtok495d ago

Hey so you're not wrong but... even the re-releases of DQVII saw modern game changes that took the same game down from 300 to 100 hours with no cut content.

I guess this feels on par with that is all I'm saying.

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rocketpanda496d ago

50 hits without being a completionist seems fair enough. Looking forward to the eventual western release.

496d ago
Articuno76496d ago

Sounds like there's not a lot of bloat to this one. That's good.

I don't mind long games, but when it's spent grinding or basically doing nothing for huge chunks of time I feel like my time is wasted. There's something to be said for the RPG that's economical with its time.

Relientk77495d ago

I just want it to come West

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