2Old2Play: Hothead Games Interview

2Old2Play writes: "Recently we sat down for an interview interview with Hothead Games' Joel DeYoung, producer of the Penny Arcade episodic game series. After the success of Episode One and the recent showing of Episode Two at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) convention, it is time to get more information to wet your whistle.

Q: Mike and Jerry's involvement with creating the story and art of Episode One is well known. When making this episode, how involved in the story did you get to be? What would you say are the benefits of being involved (or not) in the story process?

Joel: We actually collaborate quite a bit with them on the story now. The pace and length of the game, the complexity of the adventure puzzles and other aspects of gameplay are interwoven into the story. S,o, those guys know the direction they want the story to go and how they want it to end up, but we bounce ideas back and forth on all the details in between. Through the process of making Episode One, we learned how important it was to do this planning early."

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