A Way Out Proves Great New Ideas Will Always Trump All Else

Push Square: "Ah, the EA press conference: 90 minutes of dazzling eye-candy that looks about as memorable as the packet of Cheetos you ate with your cheese and pickle sandwiches earlier this afternoon. When the publisher wasn’t pulling YouTubers out of their comfort zone, it was airing screen sugar: millions of dollars pouring out of the livestream and onto your laptop's display. Or tablet. Or phone. Or whatever you decided to watch on."

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MegamanXXX2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

A way out and Star Wars was the only interesting game from the conference.

Jaypi032112d ago

The new Need for Speed looked pretty good.

naruga2112d ago

Uncharted 4 (and some of his levels) is clear that inspired the game left to see if it has worthy gameplay ....i would expect smthing like that from Ubi to be honset and leave me curious what kind of game EA will bring to us

vallencer2112d ago


It's super obvious, except maybe to you, that burnout and the fast and furious are what inspired the new need for speed.

annoyedgamer2112d ago

@Naruga, it has nothing to do with Uncharted, it was replay of a truck heist scene from Fast & Furious.

zackeroniii2112d ago

guys i'm pretty sure @naruga is talking about A Way Out...

vallencer2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )


If that were the case then he shouldn't have responded to the person talking about need for speed.

Edit: or specified.

naruga2112d ago

@zackeronii ...yes i m reffering to A Way Out as i tried to leave a reply relevant with Megamans comment ...i though it was very obvious

Name Last Name2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

People here reply to whatever just to be on top.

Ricegum2112d ago

Name Last Name

Bingo. People love being seen.

agent132112d ago

Yeah nfs payback was the best game thay showed

IamTylerDurden12111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

No way Out looks impressive.

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IamTylerDurden12111d ago

Agreed. I was blown away with both.

DarkOcelet2112d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that the protagonist in the thumbnail looks so similar to Nathan Drake?

Anyways, the game looks really interesting but the whole mandatory co-op aspect is seriously gonna be a problem. There should be a way to play this without a friend.

Bladesfist2112d ago

If it ends up being integral to the experience I am all for it. I imagine they want you to be on the couch together so betraying your friend to achieve your characters goals becomes more interesting. Or something of that nature.

Jaypi032112d ago

Yeah, I imagine, you can choose something that may benefit one player, but screw over the other play, or there may be multiple endings based on how you guys play or something.

BeOpenMinded2112d ago

I find that the most appealing aspect. Contrary to all this single player importance talk, playing even mediocre games with friends makes it so much more fun to me. I'm happy a big publisher is trying this and hope it does well. It would be phenomenal as another person stated in this thread how multiple endings and storylines are to be followed. How cool and different if so.

OpieWinston2112d ago

Leo ONE of the protagonists is modeled after the Game Directors older brother who plays him.

cfc832112d ago

I've been checking Josef Fares twitter occasionally over the past couple of years for updates on his next project. I also had this as my e3 darkhorse. 2018 could be a hot year with 'a way out', 'read dead 2' and i'm guessing a second Ori.

Aenea2112d ago

And if they added amazing AI so one could play it solo as well it would've been even better!

Well, perhaps not better, but the target audience would be way bigger.

I can only get my friends to play certain FPS games, so unless I am 100% certain there's someone else I can play this with I won't be getting it. Really wondering how that will impact sales of this great looking game.

cfc832112d ago

Sales should be ok. You'll be able to play with random people online. Folk are missing the point. One of the keys to the entire game is you're relying on someone elses help, and there has to be a degree of trust. This is represented by co-op. It sounds like such a great idea. Unfortunately quite a few folk need their friends to hold their hand.

Aenea2111d ago

Well, I've been thinking about it, in the trailer the 2 prisoners don't know each other either, it could work with strangers...

Kabaneri2112d ago

Sounds cool, but is the splitscreen coop mandatory? That would not be ok with me.

BeOpenMinded2112d ago

It says online or local is mandatory. So doesn't have to be split screen

houyi1112112d ago

From what I heard, splitscreen is for both local and online. That is, you cannot play by yourself, and you will always play as splitscreen.

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