Even Star Wars Battlefront 2 Couldn't Save EA Play

This video is about EA Plays clingy appearances at EA's conference. EA this year showed what can make and what breaks a conference. A Way Out and Battlefront 2 stealing what was a stale conference. Poli Games host, Joseph, talks about some of the hired "talent" and way its important to see actual gamers on stage, then paid actors.

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freshslicepizza2120d ago

This is why Nintendo Directs makes sense at times. The whole event for EA felt forced but some good looking games.

Poli_Games2120d ago

Directs make sense. No bullshit no need to put on a show for ya. But, at the same time it uses the pageantry of the conference. It's risky but, when you're successful at it you create some timeless points in gaming history

MVGeneral2120d ago

No. Stop trying to defend everything nintendy does, as if its some great accomolishment and smart move not to show up.

Serious game companies, who care about the core/hardcore gamers, show up for e3 (like they have for the past several years). Only core/hardcore gamers care/know about this event.

Nintendo isn't a serious gaming company or platform. It's a gimmick and a toy aimed at children and nostalgic gamers. Hence why they do some bs stream. It's an "f**k you" to the gamers. Becauae this is a gamers event. Nintendo lost sight of their core gamers the ones that made them famous. And is after the casual and kids/family market.
What a joke of a company. Hope they fail after they sell their 12-15million like the Wiiu.

-Foxtrot2120d ago

Not really. Did you see the Pokemon one they did was awful and it could have waited to be joined onto something else.

The 10th Rider2120d ago

It wasn't awful if you know what to expect. They've had similar Pokemon Directs in the past that were very similar. If there's an 8 minute Direct focused on one thing it's likely going to be pretty dang small.

-Foxtrot2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

So you expected another port and Ultra Sun and Moon?

Not Stars or a proper Switch game...

The 10th Rider2120d ago

No, I really didn't expect them to abandon the 3DS. Nintendo isn't in charge of the Pokemon games and Game Freak and the Pokemon company have, in the past, been slow to adopt new hardware. I doubt they'd dump a console with 65 million out in the wild for a brand new console. At best I expected Nintendo to push them to do a dual release. I was disappointing they didn't do that, but for the reasons I just mentioned I wasn't shocked about it.

If you expected a proper Switch game then you simply had unrealistic expectations.

Relientk772120d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Anthem were the only things I even cared about from that conference

freshslicepizza2120d ago

That co-op game looked interesting, better than Kane and Lynch

Servbot412120d ago

Taking a dump with a friend in the room is better than Kane and Lynch.

Yui_Suzumiya2120d ago

Kane and Lynch was awesome. It takes a dump on that stupid gtgay series. I'd love a Kane and Lynch 3.

I_am_Batman2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

"A way out" saved it from failing completely but even then it was a mediocre conference. Anthem teaser made me curious but I didn't see enough to get excited.

Need for speed showing was disappointing. Too many cutscenes and the other cars crashed as soon as the player's car touched them. No Battlefront 2 single player showcase.

Bad pacing, bad speakers, still too much talk in general.

phoenixwing2120d ago

I agree with need for speed and the cars crashing as soon as you touched them. Seems to me they could have just given you a weapon or two to at least make sense why these cars suddenly go flying at the drop of a hat.

The 10th Rider2120d ago

Yeah, it's like he'd bump cars and suddenly there'd be a slow mo cutscene of it crashing. Way too out of place. The other cutscenes also hurt it pretty bad. There's no reason the whole game couldn't have looked seamless like something such as Uncharted. Instead there were a ton of jarring cutscenes that popped out of nowhere and really wrecked it.

sk8ofmnd2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I agree... The sony conferences usually do minimal talking and onto gameplay. The mp crap for swbf2 was totally not needed... Single player was and esp how they went over that whole bit about needed sp and then show nothing... Like wtf. And i thought the same thing about nfs wrecked cars... But the gameplay was pretty decent. The car jumping out at the end was pretty legit. Those constant cut scenes were annoying i hope theres a way to cut those out in the options and just have straight gameplay... Chick should be able to get out of the car and jump to the next in game as long as you pull up next to it. But for me, nfs hasnt been shit since most wanted like what... More than 10 years ago and esp the remake of hot pursuit sucked ballsack... How can you be worse than a ps1 or ps2 game 🙈

porkChop2120d ago

I like the look of NFS Payback, but I do agree that the cars were blowing up far too easily. Hopefully they adjust that before release, because I'd like the AI to be more of a challenge.

The 10th Rider2120d ago

I'm hoping they just upped the amount cars crashed for the purpose of the demo. As it was a tiny little bump triggered a slow motion crashing cutscene, which was almost comedic.

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Profchaos2120d ago

Ea play creates and abscense of competition that's it's purpose

Destiny10802120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

they kinda lost me when an 18 wheeler truck was faster then a scooped up motor and that 20 minute fifa infomercial didn't help but at least battlefront looks amazing

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