Use Xbox 360 with a directv remote!

Instructables stumbled upon a nifty little trick getting their DirecTV universal remote to work with the Xbox 360. After a few simple steps and about 5-10 minutes of cycling through codes, they were able to power up the Xbox and even get some DVD playback functionality out of it. The cool thing about this is that it opens the door to the possibility of other universal remotes being programmed to work with the 360. For example, DirecTV isn't available in Canada, but Shaw Cable has a similar service with its own set top box and universal remote that can manage every component of your home theatre, and if it can be configured to control the Xbox 360, that would be very convenient indeed.

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MicroGamer5228d ago

it's a UNIVERSAL remote. Any universal remote can be made to work with any device if you know what code to put in. Instead of creating their own instruction set for the 360, they probably used one from another manufacturer or at least made their own partially compatible with another manufacturer. It's like in the early days before printers and modems were standardized and other makers began using the Hayes and Epson command sets in their devices because it was easier than creating their own.

fjtorres5228d ago

...a bit late to the party...
The 360 is already compatible with most universal remotes, starting with the Harmony line (the 360 being optimized for 360 use) and including pretty much every model out there that supports standard MCE codes, even if they didn't support the 360 native codes, which most do.
The 360 can be set to respond to both its native infrared codes or the standard MCE codes that are broadly supported in the business, so lack of universal remote compatibility is hardly an issue and never has been.

For that matter, the XBOX remote control can be set to control pretty much any brand of TV seamlessly. And the way things are headed (IPTV on 360, among other things), a TV and a 360 is all many people will need in their entertainment center. Cheers!

Xtrm L1481L1TY5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

It works pretty well and set-up was a breeze via USB Internet set-up. All I needed was model numbers for all my equipment then Internet codes the remote for me. My only complaint is button layout is hard to get used to and it lags for about 10 seconds when switching inputs on the TV/amp.

Anyhow, I thought IPTV would be awesome (50 high definition channels) until I saw a TV ad for Dish Network supporting 120 high def channels soon. It makes IPTV seem minuscule in comparison.

bigmack5227d ago

can xbox get anymore stupid...