The Coming Digital Tidal Wave

A huge change underway in how videogames are made and sold is poised to transform the entire industry. Digital distribution will not only effect how you get games, but also the types of games you experience. Buying boxes from brick-and-mortar stores will wane significantly over the coming years, while downloading titles over the Internet will continue to grow.

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El_Colombiano3675d ago

"Buying boxes from brick-and-mortar stores will wane significantly over the coming years"

Hahaha sure ok. I will forever buy physical copies of my game, always. Besides Digital Distribution will never out pace physical distribution. Not until we get our speeds up ten fold, without download limits.

Vulcan Raven3675d ago

I'm sure Walmart,Future shop,Eb games and all the game retailers will enjoy you buying everything off the internet. People have been able to purchase what they want off the internet for the longest time. This is not going to make a difference.
The cap placed on your download capabilities like you said would have to be removed. Also the increase in speed would not have to be superficial with the "up to" _____ speed when you actually get substantially less. At least this is the case in Canada.
I am so sick of digital distribution stories, they are in the distant future, and even then they are not guaranteed.

LinuxGuru3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

This Article = Wrong.

There is in no way any sort of infrastructure that is available worldwide to support such a move to DD within the next 10 years.

It's just not feasible or possible.